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Thread: visibility v. invisibility

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    I refer you to "Invisible Man vs. Hawkman":

    Transcript | This American Life

    I have no problem being visible. I have no problem being the center of attention. The only time I don't like it is when I've done something wrong, in which case I'd prefer that no one know.

    Also, I would definitely choose flight. In a heartbeat.
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    When I'm with my close friends, I absolutely love the center of attention. Otherwise, I'm more nonchalant or uncomfortable. If I'm in a class where I feel totally comfortable, and I'm able to talk about something I care about, I can be the center of attention--but only if those criteria are met.
    For instance, if I were asked to talk about self-esteem and self-care in my History/English combined class (the only classes I'm really comfortable in) I would be totally happy. Besides that, I'd rather just keep in the background.
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    I generally prefer to stay in the background, because generally if I am noticed for something it is not something that I would want to be noticed for. I do not mind noticing other people, but getting noticed myself is just sort of annoying. I get sort of awkward if I am put on the spot, because it generally is almost like I am on autopilot and I have to drop down and attempt to refocus my attention on the person speaking to me and interrupt whatever it was I was thinking about. It really sucks that people just generally expect me 'smile' and be polite and make small talk all of the time. Why smile if you are not particularly happy, it just seems pointless to me. I don't see why I would have to follow some stupid American cultural standard stating that everyone needs to radiate happiness all the time, especially women, when at the end it really does not even matter. I try though, because it has been shoved down my throat and because I literally have to see people all of the time, and it just makes things easier for myself.

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    Both are two different styles with their pros and cons.
    I personally prefer being visible and having a presence.
    It's a bit hard to see people when you're surrounded by them and the ball is played in your fields, as every moment threatens your goal.
    That's why some personalities choose to be invisible, seeing people from far away, seeing all of them.

    In my case I'll most likely step towards the attack and stand still unshaken.
    I just like things when they're in font of me rather than from the back.
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    It's always seems to be good when people underestimate me. I don't have anything to live up to, I can fake improvement without having to try, and everyone seems amazed when they can see what I'm capable of. It seems much better to be in control of how other people see me, than to let them control how I see myself. Invisible is quite nice.

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    I can't stand to be noticed
    I like to sit at the back but I learn better at the front

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    hmm... typically, primary Se users (and this is based soley from my understanding of the functions and my observations based upon that understanding) are less apt to introverted thinking or feeling which will amount to less inhibitions on being seen or heard. this is why they are typically so out there and in your face.

    perhaps without realizing, you're using Ti more than you think. the fact that you hate self promotion and that it makes you feel awkward, seems to me like you're using Ti to come to these conclusions... and much more so than Se. also, your concern is more towards getting things done, versus Se experiencing and impulsiveness.

    but i give in to the fact that i may be completely wrong about all of this. it's also possible you just may be more balanced on the E/I scale. my own experience with ESxP's is that they are very chatty, entertaining, in your face, personalities... vs. ISxP's, which are more quiet, reserved, cool. but since they are SP's, will seem more extroverted than most introverts due to following Se experiences and impulses.

    I think it depends as well. If a primary Se user has social anxiety, this would make them hate being in the spotlight.

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