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Thread: Grieving stages (your personal experience)

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    Out of the four stages to get to acceptance, I would say anger and bargaining were my "quickest" to get through. There has only been one very significant event off the top of my head that I would consider it bargaining - and it has no relation to a person/being/god and more along the lines to an event that took place.

    The lengthiest of these four stages would have to be denial and depression, or what I like to call, the beginning and near the ending. It took a lot of energy to get into it and it took just as much energy to finally snap out of it.

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    My bargaining stage consists of me contemplating offing myself to spare myself from more of the same shit. "If I end it now, I'll never ever have to deal with this again."

    Of course I'm still here so I've never acted on it.

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    I didn't go through any of the stages and just went straight to acceptance.

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    In my experience, at first a lot of what I feel is just bewilderment. It is one thing to imagine something happening, it's another thing to be confronted with it in reality. A short while later it starts to hit me and I begin to feel sad and a bit angry. Then I alternate between wallowing in it and living life normally/trying to live life normally (or maybe seeking out a little bit more intense physical experiences). Eventually I come to accept that I have experienced a loss, and after a while pain starts to fade.
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