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Thread: A Discussion on the Creative Brain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synapse View Post
    I'm feeling like interpreting Victors words today.
    Traduttore, traditore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbone View Post
    ...the creative impulse is often something that escapes logic or words.
    Yes, creativity escapes from the cognitive mind just as I escape every day out the front door and leave my cognitive mind behind. And no one seems to mind except the straighteners. They wanna straighten me out, and put me back on track and put me back in the fold. But I carry a little sign which says, "Do not fold, bend or spindle".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Sherlock Holmes View Post
    The true mystery of the creative brain is "Why didn't anyone come up with non-realistic art styles until the late 19th century?'
    [Random Guess] Because when the camera became widely available, it could capture reality better than a painting can? [/Random Guess]
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