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Thread: do you "speak" inside of your head?

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    yes, plus I often refer to me as 'we' like I'll talk to different parts of me who are different from one another. They all look like me though, or they look like nothing, anyway.

    Generally though, the main other 'me' is much more dominant and aggressive than the other me(s) I talk to (who often fade into nonexistence so then I'm left with just a duality). This me likes it when I stand up for myself, get angry, or when I take control. Also, when I hold very strong or antagonizing opinions..

    It's all very fun and I don't give a fuck

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    I quite frequently do.

    Also, I think in:

    1. Feelings
    2. Words/sounds
    3. Pictures/movement
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    I have full on panel debates with myself and other perspectives .. Of course each voice is really just me. But each perspective kind of takes on it's own personality and it can get loud in there.

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    Sometimes my thoughts sort of come in words, but without specific words or sentence structures that another person would be able to understand if it was broadcast out loud. Sometimes, the thoughts are just symbols or understandings. I don't necessarily have to sound out each and every word to have a thought in my head. That's actually kind of a slow way to do it.

    However, sometimes I want my thought process slow and clear. I pronounce each word in my head and then I can hear it in my memory almost as if I actually heard myself speak it. I do this with important thinking. I'll ask myself questions and make assertions or comments. It's almost like I'm a philosopher addressing an audience with something really important to say. There is a lot of focus and passion put into the words. The voice naturally sounds as if it's saying the most important thing in the world, both in question and in answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    Yes often but if you would translate head to real world 1:1 it would be more a huge mixture of words, pictures, sounds and numbers in my head for me.
    ditto. and feeeelings.

    more image-thoughts than word-thoughts for me probably, i'm really visual

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