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Thread: Voices In My Head

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    what do you do with critical voices (of your parents, culture, something that you learned... general nagging) in your headz?

    i am confused what would my thoughts consist from if i shut them down completely.
    no really. even slightest critics, if i delete all of that, i think i'd have empty head for a while (it'd be excellent thing, but just to describe how many of them there are).

    how to kill those bastards?

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    You have to evaluate your qualities, and see if the self criticism is actually rational.

    Bring arguments in favor of your qualities to oppose the criticism. Make a list with them.

    Don't hang out with highly critical people that might fuel your thoughts. Or provoke them. I've seen people criticize just to feel better about themselves, which I find disgusting. (assuming that there is someone who criticizes you).

    Hope it helps.

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