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Thread: What motivates hate?

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    Hate can steer from fear or a sense of entitlement. I don't hate anyone because no one on this Earth is worth the effort. It took a while for me to get to this state of mind, but I'm here and I like it.
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    I don't hate anyone, like what most people have said in this thread, it is a waste of time. However, I do wish *ahem don't* hate do me a huge favor and "die."
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    Quote Originally Posted by blankpages View Post
    Helplessness. I think whenever I've felt hatred toward someone, it was someone who'd made me feel very helpless in some way. Not only did they cause me pain, but I felt powerless to do anything about it. Either I was a child and genuinely powerless against them, or I was older and they'd reminded me previous feelings of powerlessness.
    I have one person in particular I would be entitled to hate because of their role as abuser, but I find a solemn neutrality to make more sense. Hate requires a strong investment in the person and it has negative physiological effects. It's unhealthy physically. I also grew up in poor neighborhoods and witnessed exploitative people. Anger can motivate to make an unfair situation more balanced, but a commitment to hate is a commitment to become like your oppressor. Even if entitled to feel it, it is like being entitled to a container full of rotten milk.

    I don't think hate can be compatible with a rational state of mind. It by nature distorts information and justifies actions that could not otherwise be justified. It creates false confidence in conclusions by viewing the source of the hatred with tunnel vision. You have to dehumanize the source of your hatred in order to justify a commitment to their harm. The people I encountered that could entitle me to hate were the ones most deeply ingrained with it. I don't want them to have the power to shape me into their own likeness. There are times I wish I could solve the problems and suffering they create, but it's more the behavior I hate, but not the person who is in all likelihood a mere reactionary creature who only flatters self with the idea they can choose their course. I think having come to terms with some fully manifested hatred, it is clear I'm not interested in that process, not even a little bit.

    Reason can stabilize the unhealthy corners the human mind. Hatred appears to function as ground zero for the deepest forms of irrationalization that can justify anything through the force of anger, fear, and entitlement. I don't think we often have a right (or the information) to pass judgment on another human being - at least not on the level that leads to hate, but only on more trivial levels can we accurately judge. Each one of our experiences is too limited to know the experience of another and determine whether they are deserving of our hate. What bothers me most about hate is the unfairness of thought required to produce it.
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    I don't really hate anyone.

    The closest is that I feel a sense of resentment towards a boss who gave me a bad review. I am not sure if he was out to meet a quota or if I reminded him too much of his own boss or something. He seemed to be reaching for reasons to give me a bad review, and I think he even made stuff up to tell my new boss.

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    Freud would've blamed his mother for this. I blame her too.
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    What motivates hate?


    When I hate someone it's always because that person poses a threat to me or my loved ones. Once they're not in the position to hurt me or people I care about anymore, I don't feel hate.

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    I think hatred is motivated by a fear that you and/or something you identify with is in danger.

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