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Thread: why the f$%^ am I so angry?!

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    I love punching bags... I tend to give the one in the gym a few vicious punches whenever I walk past it!

    I also bicycle and swim, but can't run because of my knee... sadly, I'll catch myself being angry when swimming or bicycling even... I'm not quite sure why That's the type of situation where you're supposed to work anger OFF!
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    Break something stupid that you have that you don't care about? Sometimes it helps...especially if it hurts, the pain shocks your mind and suddenly you don't care anymore.

    Okay, feel awkward, leaving the thread now

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    Sex, masturbation, liquor, dessert, retail therapy, or benzodiazepines...or so the Interwebz says...I gotta' go.
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    This thread proves that women are insane.
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    This will not end well...
    But it will at least be poetic, I suppose...

    Hmm... But what if it does end well?
    Then I suppose it will be a different sort of poetry, a preferable sort...
    A sort I could become accustomed to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I have a nice home, a wonderful man, a loving family and my job plans are even starting to pan out... and yet somewhere in the back of my mind, and in my muscles, I feel an overwhelming need to punch something

    I don't get it... it's like underneath the surface I'm amazingly angry about something... and I can't even figure out what! I've always been known for having a flash temper in my family and by my friends- I'm quick to set off and I get over the actual being angry quite quickly as well... but for some reason, for just about as long as I can remember, there's been some sense of being angry sitting somewhere farther back in my mind

    I KNOW it's not right- I have nothing to be mad about that consistently... and to express it towards someone or something undeserving is against my beleifs in decency and politeness... so it just sits there and waits and occasionally seeps out a bit towards those who are deemed deserving of some snark

    I've spent years in therapy, I used to box, I get plenty of exercize and it won't leave... I don't know why

    why the fuck can't I just be normal? I can't even think of a reason for this! Anyone else identify... or better yet- does anyone have a solution that works?
    Well, what do you think it is you're angry about? Even if you have to guess?

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    Think of your anger as a gift. I suppose you could punish the evil at night.

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    What is with all of the fluffy creative outlet stuff?

    Clearly the only answer here is that Whatever is really an evil villain still in the "I'm not quite sure yet if I'm suppose to be evil or not" stage. You'll get there whatever.

    ... And when you do. Hurry up and invent a death ray. We can be partners.
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    I found in Reichian therapy my anger was actually exuberance. This was a nice discovery to make, so I now let my exuberance out, a little bit at a time every day. But when I dance, I let it all out.

    I did have though a girlfriend with unquenchable anger. At first I was immensely impressed by her, but as time went by I could see she was not exuberant but simply possessed by anger.

    I was immensely disappointed as I thought I had found a fellow exuberant.

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    You sound like me. I'm always irritable and angry.

    In my state there is medical marijuana and they have these THC drops (tincture) that I put in tea. It allows my mind and body to relax, and is a very mild high (I don't like the high from smoking pot, for reference).

    I used to take it, and it looks like I need to start again.

    It's a shame it's mostly illegal.

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    Is this anger with yourself or with what people do? If its with what people do, is it with what they do to you or what they do to other people? If its with yourself is it what you do to others or with the way you are?
    Take what I say with a grain of salt, because that's all it is compared to the ocean of complexity when it comes to actions and real life.

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