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Thread: The Plane, Moon, Lost at Sea and other Survival activities.

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    Default The Plane, Moon, Lost at Sea and other Survival activities.

    Plane Crash Survival

    This test is based on a sub-arctic airplane crash scenario commonly used to test team work in corporations. Over a series of questions you will be asked to rank 15 items according to their usefulness for survival.

    It is October. You are flying with four of your colleagues from Schefferville in North West Canada to a research station where you will be spending the next two weeks. Shortly after take-off the pilot suffers a heart attack and the plane shallow dives into a frozen lake. You and your friends scramble to the shore, soaked to the waist, and turn to see the plane sink below the water. You have managed to rescue the following items, along with some small change and a small penknife:
    You have a 64% chance of survival!

    The Moon Survival Challenge

    Imagine you are returning to the base ship on the sunlit side of the moon after carrying out a 72-hour exploration trip. Your small spacecraft has crash-landed about 200 miles from the base ship. You need to reach the base ship, in addition to your spacesuit, you were able to salvage the items listed below. Using what you know about the moon, rate each item in the above list according to how important it would be in getting you back to the base ship.
    hahah I wouldn't last long on the Moon

    Your score: 12%
    Letter Grade: F
    You Failed!


    Lost At Sea

    You are adrift on a private yacht in the south pacific. As a consequence of a fire of unknown origin, much of the yacht and its contents have been destroyed. The yacht is now slowly sinking. Your location is unclear due of the distruction of critical navigational equipment and because you and the crew were distracted trying to bring the fire under control. Your best estimate is that you are approximately one thousand miles south-southwest of the nearest land.
    Most probable scenario
    You have isolated exactly where you are, and you plan a trajectory to take you to safe shores. You are able to determine what direction your are going, but your attempts change directions are adversely prevented by the ocean currents. To combat the direct rays of the sun, you place the plastic over you. As you drink from the ocean, your tongue swells from the saltwater. Hunger is satisfied with the C rations. You notice a plane flying overhead, so you pour some oil/gas onto the waters and light it. A plane flies overhead during the day, you use your mirror to shine a reflection of the sun to catch their attention.

    No matter what you do, you cannot navigate your raft to safe shores. Out of frustration, the sextant is tossed overboard. No one attempts to retrieve it. You have endured many hazards with little harm to your health. One dies of suffocation of their swelled tongue. After days of waiting for rescue, you still have your stamina! You are noticed and rescued! The plane sees the reflected light and identifies you, you have been found!

    Your overall survival IQ is 53.
    Your ability to stay alive is 29%
    Your ability to protect yourself from the elements is 47%
    Your ability to catch the attention of your rescuers is 83%

    There are tv shows like survivor and lost, and there are different states of survival.
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    What Are Your Chances of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?

    Zombie Apocalypse
    You Have a 37% Chance of Survival!

    The Cadaver Calculator - How Much is Your Body Worth?

    Congratulations, your dead body is worth $5325!


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    Oh this ones a good one

    Nuclear Holocaust who should survive?

    World War 3 has just occurred and you and 9 other people find yourselves to be the only people left on the earth. You manage to all make it to a bunker, however, you all realise that if 3 of you wish to survive for many years, 7 of you will have to leave soon because there are not enough resources for all of you to survive.

    If all of you stay, then you will all live only for a maximum of 2 years.
    In your bunker, you have the following facilities:

    • sewage system
    • water
    • seeds
    • some clothes
    • a few books
    • some medical facilities but no operating material
    • a greenhouse

    In the bunker, the following roles will be played out. Each person in the group of ten will play one of the following roles.

    a. scientist
    b. priest
    c. married couple who are hippies and drug addicts
    d. a single pregnant woman with a 5 year old girl
    e. an army officer who has mental instability of some sort but is useful nonetheless
    f. an elderly woman
    g. a disabled person
    h. lawyer
    i. dole bludger
    j. doctor

    Write your reasons for keeping them alive or sacrifice from the A-J choices.

    I'd be interested to hear your reasons for or against each person.

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