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Thread: Psychoanalyze your tweets.

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    Default Psychoanalyze your tweets.

    TweetPsych, an app that uses two linguistic analysis algorithms to compare a personís last 1,000 tweets against the ones in its database, now looks at lists

    The project uses the Regres sive Imagery Dic tio nary, which measures primordial versus conceptual thinking, and the Lin guis tic Inquiry and Word Count, which looks for positive and negative emotions and references to topics like work, religion and eating. TweetPsych takes both of those approaches and can tell if your list tweets about ďsexĒ more than the average one, for example.

    Some food for thought: if there are fun, little free apps that do this already on the web, expect many more to crop up that do it for commercial purposes. Facebook, for one, already studies your stream data and status updates to help match advertisements.

    You can call me Charles.

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    Numbers 112% more

    Thinking 64% more

    Media 40% more

    Present 25% more

    Anxiety 12% more

    Senses 11% more

    Work 63% less

    Self-Reference 63% less

    Positive 66% less

    Negative 67% less

    Conceptual, Future, Emotions, and Constructive went into the negative range, too, but some things are personal or just can't be expressed in, what is it, 140 characters. That's what blogs are for.

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    Wow. Accurate. Spooky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    Wow. Accurate. Spooky.
    Try entering other peoples twitter accounts. Enter your account once you find an account that works. Presto.
    You can call me Charles.

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