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Thread: Eye contact

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    I have never been uncomfortable with eye contact. It was just the way I was taught. My mother and my teachers would always say you should look at someone when they're talking.

    But, I sometimes have a tendency to stare if I find someone interesting. So I try to time how long I look at someone when in a conversation and I look them in the eye every once in awhile to make sure they're still engaged.

    About the whole guy/girl thing. I find that guys are more squeamish. I can look at a girl's eyes for longer without her getting uncomfortable. With guy's it seems more aggressive. I think when I make eye contact with a guy it says something like this, "Know your place or I'll put you in it. Don't mess with me and I won't mess with you."
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    I wish I didn't have to worry about eye contact. It just complicates social interactions, and makes me feel more awkward.

    Throughout my life, my parents, teachers, and peers have noted that I don't always make eye contact when I should and when I do, I tend to overdo it.

    Its harder for me to look someone in the eye and really concentrate on the conversation. I know I have a tendency to look away when I'm thinking about what to say.

    Maybe part of why eye contact feels awkward is because I mistakenly equate it to staring. I don't like people looking too closely at me, its like they're critically evaluating me, expecting something from me I'm not sure I can provide. So I'm careful not to do that too others but probably err too much in the other direction and not give enough eye contact.

    Sometimes eye contact is overwhelming. I'm quite sensitive to peoples' facial expressions, and if the vibe they're giving off in their eyes looks threatening in any way, I'm less inclined to want to make eye contact with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paradigm-shift View Post
    Its harder for me to look someone in the eye and really concentrate on the conversation. I know I have a tendency to look away when I'm thinking about what to say.
    Same. I can't hold eye contact and think at the same time.
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