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Thread: Modulating the Mood

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    Modulating the Mood

    The mood of the thread consists of two parts. The first part is our own mood, the mood we bring to the thread. And the second part is the mood of the actual thread itself.

    The mood of the thread emerges from our individual moods, and is then independent of any individual mood.

    So then the individual mood can interact with the mood of the thread.

    And so the individual mood can modulate the mood of the thread.

    This is enhanced if an individual is mature enough to be able to modulate their own mood. Then they are in a much better position to modulate the mood of the thread.

    Of course we have many members here who are unable to modulate their own mood, and so are completely out of their depth in modulating the mood of the thread.

    So rather than our moods dancing with one another to the mood of the thread, we stagger along, falling over, tripping each other up, and naturally blaming one another for the mood of the thread - as it's always someone else's fault.

    But what could be more natural, for we have spent most of our lives having our mood modulated by our parents, so naturally we expect others to do what our parents did and modulate our mood - and if they don't, it's their fault, as we didn't ask to be born, did we?

    But almost all of us think this, so we are like the Keystone Cops, falling over ourselves, chasing the mood but never catching it.

    Fortunately moods are amenable to modulation, and our parents have given us the basic skills to modulate, so all we need to do is to start practising. And this is the perfect place to practise.

    They tell me it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master our moods, so we have plenty of time.

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    Got Mooooooood?

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    the conflict don't stop until i enter the room. should i follow the fashionably late rule?

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    I just thought of a few Seinfeld situations...

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    Quote Originally Posted by velocity View Post
    the conflict don't stop until i enter the room. should i follow the fashionably late rule?
    I'm stumped. What rule is that?

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