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Thread: What makes someone likable?

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    -(ex-coworker ESFP) crazy stories, fun, happy, generous
    -(acquaintance IXXP) laid-back, similar outlook on things, does his own thing, "nice guy"
    -(ex-boss ENTJ) funny/sarcastic, strong-willed, practical, wise decisions
    -(acquaintance ExTP) sarcastic, loud, seems interesting
    -(acquaintance-friend IXXP) smart, friendly, similar interests, "nice guy"
    -(acquaintance IxTx) polite, friendly, laid-back, "nice guy"

    Those are the first ones I thought of, there's lots more though. I like a lot of different people for different reasons. Really I like everyone by default, until they do something that pisses me off, or if they're standoff-ish enough that I never see them again. Reasons for disliking people would interest me more, I think.

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    For me?

    Openness to adventure, learning and experience
    Optimistic and trusting
    Aspiration to better themselves
    Acceptance of others as they are (as opposed to people who try to change you, or think of you as more of a project than a person)
    Helpfulness and accepting of others' help
    Accessible/available - not people who you can only see if you grab a window in their packed schedule a month in advance
    Can take their drink - not people who transform into a monster with a few beers
    Can behave relatively well in public and not embarrass you
    Direct and frank about what they think - no mind games/guessing games please!
    Respect others' boundaries and can give people space when they need it, as opposed to those who take it personally when you don't feel like seeing them
    Is willing to show anger/ has a temper but they restrain it unless provoked - if I'm pissing someone off I want to know about it so I can do something about it, I don't want them silently seething and martyring themselves only to bring it up as a guilt trip later!!

    Hm, I think that's about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    Reasons for disliking people would interest me more, I think.
    I worded my criteria positively...

    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    Are they friendly? Polite? Interested in (making a connection with) other people?
    ... but flipped around they constitute what I know to be my social turnoffs.

    Admittedly, I've suffered through excruciatingly difficult dinner party conversations with people who fulfilled all three criteria but where we just didn't click. I don't hold that against them though. I like people who make an effort socially, even if they and I are not meant to be friends.

    Edit: proteanmix, based on your post in my blog I have to ask if this is what you wanted from the thread?

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    What makes someone lickable? Hmm. Lickable. Let me think...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    What makes someone lickable? Hmm. Lickable. Let me think...
    hmmmm... clean, nice and preferably delicious?

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    The the type of people I really like have integrity. They do not compromise their values/ideas in favor of the harmony of a group they are in and are not afraid to take a stance if it is warranted in face of overwhelming opposition. They have guts and are ready to fight for a just cause if the situation presents itself. Anyone who does this earns my instant respect and liking.

    They like to discuss and debate ideas... and importantly they have alot of insight on situations. They are not hypersensitive and can handle disagreement calmly. They know what they want. Underneath they are warm, friendly and accepting people. Finally, they don't play mind games.

    Those are the key characteristics. My closest NT, NF, SJ and SP friends all share these traits.

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    Two examples drawn from this thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    Suck up.

    I'm not even kidding though I hope I can soon use the past tense with veracity. Up until now I've been extremely susceptible to... not exactly flattery, but expressions of recognition of and appreciation for my insightfulness.
    And, the other side of that: someone who appreciates and values your recognition and appreciation.

    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    What makes someone lickable? Hmm. Lickable. Let me think...

    ...someone who makes spontaneous humor with an intuitive or unexpected twist.

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    Here are some characteristics I see in a person that I like to be with:
    authentic and transparent
    an interested listener
    has unusual interests that they are passionate about and can carry on a good conversation
    follows their convictions
    sense of humor
    creative and/or insightful
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    People like people who like them back.

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    As long as they seem open, and not snooty or overly aloof.
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