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Thread: The Shadow and Cognitive Functions

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    Default The Shadow and Cognitive Functions

    Possibly the most intriguing aspect of personality to myself is the concept of the Shadow.

    This being said, I have trouble in figuring out how to identify the shadow in yourself. I've read of a couple theories about how your inferior function is your shadow, or that the initial four functions are able to be called upon consciously, but the remaining four are what makes up the shadow.

    As such, I'm am a little hazy about the subject, so I'm looking for information. If anyone knows where I can find the different theories of the order of all eight functions, with detailed descriptions into their theories and reasoning behind it, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also I'd like to discuss aspects of the shadow, and how to tap into it, how it works, etc.

    I'd love to make a point to go from there, but I'd rather run off another's 2 cents.

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    I'm highly delighted to see this question posed. Asking the self-same question was one of the main reasons I joined this forum. I'm not however delighted to see zero replies after 2 and a lot years. I'm just going to leave it at that for now. If nothing else I've at least put the question back on the board. If we draw a blank again I'll try to cobble something together myself from elsewhere.

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    shadow how jung defined, doesent really have anything to do with functions as a concept, but how it relates to functions is that undeveloped(undifferentiated) functions are guided by the contents of your personal unconscious, which shadow(and other complexes, archetypal(like shadow is) or personal) naturally is part of. developed(differentiated) functions are more guided by your ego(central operating system in the field of consciousness). but at times when strong enough complexes are activated, your ego sort of takes an beating from the complexes, or in other words the way you consciously operate the system(like focusing on some perception, memory etc or how you use your developed functions) is affected by the contents of your unconscious.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    I too, am mostly confused. There seem to be two competing theories: one that uses the four main functions, but flips them to get the shadow. The other uses the four remaining functions to determine the shadow.

    So an INTP (Ti, Ne, Si, Fe) becomes an ESFJ (Fe, Si, Ne, Ti) under the first theory.

    Under the second theory the INTP becomes ENTJ (Te, Ni, Se, Fi) - essentially the functions are turned inside out.

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    I've been mulling over shadow now for quite awhile, believing it to be combined functions of the same spectrum (T + F and N + S), acting in concert as pairings to mimic other functions. When it's an unconscious manifestation, then it's brutally draining since these functions are fighting each other. But when it's a conscious or more assimilated usage where functions have developed more fully within the individual, there's less battle, more one/two punch activation.

    Example of an ENTJ 'shadow':

    Te/Fi mimics Ti.
    Ni/Se mimics Ne.

    Example of an INTP 'shadow':

    Ti/Fe mimics Te.
    Ne/Si mimics Ni.

    Haven't finished delving into the tert and inferior mimics or if they even exist except as unhealthy pairings. Need to contemplate this more.

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