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Thread: The Marshmallow Test and Self-Control

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    That chalkboard guy Array Matthew_Z's Avatar
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    As a kid I wouldn't have probably tried to "beat" the experiment, whatever that would have meant for me at the time. That could have been either "alright, free marshmallow. I'm not wasting my time here" or "let's see how many marshmallows I can get out of this."

    These days, if I knew I was being tested, I wouldn't take the marshmallow. However, should that not be the case, I'd likely take it with the justification "there's a fair chance I'm not going to want more later."
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    Just a statistic Array rhinosaur's Avatar
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    This makes me want a marshmallow.

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    I'd have eaten it straight. One marshmallow is not worth the wait. Besides, I'll probably suspect being manipulated and attempt to rebel. Now, if they gave me 100 dollars.....that's a different story

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    I really don't know.
    Either my mind would go like this: "I'm going to show them I'm a good girl and I can wait" and I would succeed.
    Or my mind would go like this: "I'm not going to waste five minutes of my precious time on one stupid marshmellow" and eat the stupid thing just to get out of that room.

    Probably I would understand "waiting" would be the "right" thing to do, the thing sensible persons do. I'm just not sure if I would value "being thought of as a sensible person" higher than five minutes of my time.
    Mind, the marshmellow's worth is negligible.

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    I probably would have either eaten it soon after 'Mmm, nummy marshmallow' or got distracted with my thoughts.

    Actually, remembering my childhood, the first would have been much more likely. I was basically an immature SP when I was young.
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