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Thread: What are your experiences with getting psychotherapy?

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    Finding the right therapist is hard. I encourage you to trust your gut. If you think a therapist is bad in the first session, 70% of the time you are right.
    Do not waste your money and time on more sessions, but move on to other therapists instead or save your money.

    I am currently seeking therapy for my anxiety disorder.
    The fear of poverty turns people into slaves of money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    For sure, narcissists project a Grandiose Self that is unreasonable, and I know I suffer a lot on account of being shamefully aware that my current work reality, respectable as it is, does not live up to my fantasies of achievement (see this blog post for elaboration). However, the motivation I was trying to convey to the therapist was more like:

    (Err... Sorry, Ayn Rand's name has come up a lot lately. )

    Then I gave some examples of situations where I had acted against what I knew to be my own long-term self-interest. And then the therapist insistently rationalized those examples. I won't recount the examples I gave him; you'll just have to take my word for it that he was justifying clearly destructive behavior. I got the impression that he was simply unable to entertain the notion that this polite, pleasant, self-aware young woman coming to him for help was a dangerous individual to get close to.
    Sorry things don't seem to be working out. Maybe with the next therapist you can guide him a bit. "Now you say, 'What do you think that means?'"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    You're free to try.

    Eliza test.
    This lady has some serious problems :-D

    >> Hello.
    How do you do. Please state your problem.
    >> Hi Eliza, I don't get things done
    Don't you really get things done ?
    >> yes
    You seem to be quite positive.
    >> yes
    You are sure.
    >> yes
    I see.
    >> yes
    I understand.
    >> what do you understand?
    Why do you ask ?
    >> because you avoid my problem
    Your problem ?
    >> that I don't get things done
    Why don't you get things done ?
    >> because I don't do them
    Is that the real reason ?
    >> yes
    You seem to be quite positive.
    >> don't start that again
    Earlier you said your problem .
    >> I did
    You say you did ?
    >> yes
    You are sure.
    >> yes
    I see.
    >> you are a douche
    What makes you think I am a douche ?
    >> you akt like a parrot
    We were discussing you -- not me.
    >> then don't ask questions about yourself if you can't stand the answer
    Do you think its likely that I can't stand the answer ?
    >> it's not only likely, it is inevitable
    I'm not sure I understand you fully.
    >> You seem negative
    Oh, I seem negative ?
    >> yes, sure
    I understand.
    >> glad I could help, bye
    When I get sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloud View Post
    Finding the right therapist is hard. I encourage you to trust your gut. If you think a therapist is bad in the first session, 70% of the time you are right.
    Do not waste your money and time on more sessions, but move on to other therapists instead or save your money.
    That's good advice. I'd say give it two or three sessions though if you aren't sure. Talking to a stranger about your personal issues can be quite uncomfortable, and it can be hard to tell where that discomfort is coming from: whether it's a sign that the therapist is wrong for you or just that the material you need to discuss is difficult.

    On a related note, as of two weeks ago I'm now shrinkless again. Sigh.

    I saw this last counselor seven times, I think. That was still more than I should have. He seemed even more socially awkward than I am, and after teaching me a couple cbt techniques he didn't do much besides hassle me about going on medication. I am not even close to the criteria for major depression or any other disorder that's normally treated with meds, and yet he seemed to think I was being completely unreasonable about not wanting to immediately go get myself some.

    It's just like any other profession; there are a lot of mediocre ones out there.

    I wanted to give it some time because first meetings can be so uncomfortable, and if I have a certain gut feeling I want to be satisfied that it isn't just my own discomfort with the situation. So I went a couple times and then it was like, oh maybe another...maybe once more...and it took seven times before I finally left for good.

    I don't know. I don't have a whole lot of options right now, since I'm only employed part-time. I'll probably leave this for awhile.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fluxkom View Post
    This lady has some serious problems :-D
    Ha. I came across a website with a javascript version of ELIZA which apparently got so many complaints the webmaster put a notice on his website that said something like, NOTE: Eliza is dumb. Please stop emailing me telling me she's dumb and telling me to fix it. You can change the code yourself if you think you can do a better job.

    Anyway, ELIZA is apparently supposed to imitate a Rogerian therapist, so she's supposed to be all accepting and understanding and mirroring you to suggest empathy, etc. Hence the "parroting" programmed into her.

    There's this joke about Rogerian therapy on the internet:

    Patient (to Rogerian therapist): I feel really depressed.
    Therapist: I see. Yes. You are depressed.
    Patient: Nothing is going well.
    Therapist: Nothing is going well.
    Patient: I feel like killing myself.
    Therapist: You're thinking of killing yourself.
    Patient: Yes, I'm going to do it NOW.
    Therapist: You want to do it now.
    Patient: [Jumps out window.]
    Therapist: Whoosh. Splat.

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    >> you are not helpful.
    What makes you think I am not helpful ?
    >> you aren't saying anything helpful.
    Oh, I aren't saying anything helpful ?
    >> no
    Are you saying no just to be negative?
    >> no
    You are being a bit negative.
    >> no
    Why not ?

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    In my 1st session ( I have only had the 1 so far).. I was told to give value and compassion to my mental and emotional blocks.. I am already confused by this and what I don't need is to be more confused..
    These blocks are my problem.. I am not about to give them value.. I wish to be rid of them..

    Otherwise My therapist is awesome..

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