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Thread: My Personality is a Mask

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingfisher View Post
    a mirage.
    it only exists when i'm not looking at it.
    or maybe it only exists when i'm looking directly at it.

    i don't know. either way; sometimes it exists, sometimes it doesn't.
    I like this description.

    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    If you build your personality from the outside, you end up like a crab with a hard outer shell - an exoskeleton. And if you want to grow you must first shed your outer shell otherwise it will strangle you.

    But if you build from the inside, you end up like a leopard, lithe and strong. Your personality permeates your whole body and grows when you do.

    The nicest thing I have found is to slowly express my inner self so that my inner self becomes my normal personality.

    What can I say? When I express my inner self successfully in the outer world, I feel joy.
    Great post. I don't feel my personality is a put on in anyway but it certainly has a thickened skin. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts. Really made me reflect.

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    My personality is a way I communicate myself with the world around me... and the world around me is a way of communicating what my personality is to me!
    ... couldn't drag me away

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    My personality is a nightclub. On the inside, there is a wild party with hundreds of happy people drinking and dancing. But on the outside you only hear the beat and sometimes you see people going in and out. And of course there are many angry neighbours who say that the music should be turned down, because it's so loud they can't sleep. Oh, and there is absolutely no time for any serious stuff.
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    I'd say my personality is every part of me that isn't a mask.
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    Now I feel my personality is somewhat like water. It seems to change form depending on the circumstance.

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