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    Depends on what kind of people I'm socializing with. I can talk with people for a very long time (don't exactly know my record), but only if they're interesting. Most people I know are so boring that I can't even stand talking with them for two minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kar View Post
    Depends on what kind of people I'm socializing with. I can talk with people for a very long time (don't exactly know my record), but only if they're interesting. Most people I know are so boring that I can't even stand talking with them for two minutes.

    Pretty much, if I enjoy the atmosphere and it's not too constraining in terms of what behaviors I can express, then I can stand a crowd for a good 6 hours or so.

    The atmosphere was amazing at my job this summer. Even though I had to work 12 hour days almost, I never felt drained during the workday since the people were so awesome.

    If I'm in an uncomfortable crowd, or one that's just blatantly full of loud annoying noise, then I top out after 2-3 hours.
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    I can extrovert for a few days, up to a week if I really stress it, before I need a break.

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    I've had two evenings at home over the past three weeks. As far as length goes of socializing, three hours usually does it for me if the conversation is difficult. More if there are other activities going on, or unless I'm having a great chat with some girl.
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    Interesting, the threshold for boredom seems much lower for Ns than SPs when it comes to conversating. I can do smalltalk for quite awhile, unless the person talking just completely focuses everything on their personal experience which others can't really relate to, something technical no one knows about, or isn't entertaining. Usually I can direct a conversation, though.
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    forever with NTs, a wee bit with ENFPs-we exhaust each other. Others an hour or so. I hop from spot to spot.

    Funny, left alone for a week I get nutty. I asked my ENTP-could you stay on a boat for three months straight and be happy. She was like "of course". This really suprised me, as i would go insane all alone. I asked again and told her I would go nuts, and she started laughing a whole bunch.

    She said "I thought you meant with a whole crew. I had already invented them in my head. We were already drinking and dancing the three months away"

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    I consider myself an E/I person. I love to be alone, but I can never leave a party. I love conferences where you have to be up and going strong at 7:30 a.m.and there are still people at the bar with me until 3 a.m. Back to my room to crash only so I can sustain the frenzy for another 4 days. Would still want to talk the whole way back on the plane, etc. etc. Although I'm perfectly happy to be by myself. I love that too.
    Quote Originally Posted by pippi View Post
    Fiver is correct, it is freeing to not have to impress someone, to be accepted for who you really are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitseleh View Post
    I mean how long can you go with constant chattering (socializing) and noise until you have had enough?
    It depends if they have anything interesting to say...most don't. About 4 hours if I can get away from them for a little while. One hour if they're arguing, they're jerks, or the noise is too loud.

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