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Thread: Getting to the bottom of things

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    Default Getting to the bottom of things

    Have you ever noticed that something was different, but it
    wasn't what it looked like and it turned out you were right?
    That happened in a social situation where someone got so
    much stuff started it made it seem like someone else's per-
    sonality had started to change, but I knew the ways this p-
    erson was acting didn't seem like them and it turned out th-
    ey were just acting how they were to throw the people that
    got the stuff started off.

    How I determined that I was N over S because something
    will nag at me until I figure it out...I know better than to
    actually stick my nose in other people's business because
    sometimes that just makes things a mess, but sometimes
    people have a good reason for seeming preoccupied all of a
    sudden. I've learned you have to trust people to tell you
    what's going on when they're comfortable.

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    My ego is my defense mechanism. It is deployed and used when I feel threatened. If you're telling me I have no reason to feel threatened you will not see that side of me.

    So what now? Do you want me to stop send ideas? Fine. Most of them are useless tweets of my intuition, I send them almost out of habit.

    What I'm not going to do is waste time posting here. I have much more important things to focus on.

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