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    GuessWho is correct. Just because someone understands abstract maths doesn't mean they have social intelligence, common sense, or even sanity.

    Besides, since we're talking about pompous intuitives in the White House...let's talk about how that doesn't make a damn bit of difference. I would have rather had Hillary than Obama, and she's ISTJ. However, I'd prefer ENFJ Obama over Dubya (ESTP) or Sara Palin (ESFJ?). Type has nothing to do with intelligence or political preferences, though we might notice trends in *type* of intelligence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    what do you have to feel guilty about?

    (except for those of you who are total supremacists... then that's not cool )
    Do you mean our old friend Lexxy sexy.
    Reserved Calm Unstructured Egocentric Inquisitive Clown

    Johari Nohari

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    Ready! Get set! Heave!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    and we can break in and shove you out if you protest too... don't forget it
    I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle and here is my spout. Every time I steam up, I give a shout. Just tip me over and pour me out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biaxident View Post
    Well, yes. If your goal is to milk the government for every penny you can instead of working, anyone can do that. Some more successfully than others.

    If you intend to make some sort of impact on other people, you actually have to do something.

    Seriously though. Elaborate.

    Are you saying, for example, someone with an average IQ is unable to understand Particle physics, or Chemical engineering, and therefore should not waste their time trying?
    I merely wanted to point out that your general assertion is not generally correct. Have you seen 'Amadeus'? If your goal is to be Mozart but you end up being Salieri, you are heading for the madhouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biaxident View Post
    Well, yes. If your goal is to milk the government for every penny you can instead of working, anyone can do that. Some more successfully than others.

    If you intend to make some sort of impact on other people, you actually have to do something.
    For the first time in human history we have overcome scarcity in developed countries but our minds haven't caught up with this yet. And who can blame us, for we have lived in scarcity for 200,000 years.

    Economics is still based on scarcity, but we manage to keep the economy turning over with the flywheel of military spending and welfare spending.

    Our economy is quite capable of providing us all with a guaranteed minimum income instead of military and welfare spending, but our minds are conditioned by scarcity. Our very morals are conditioned by scarcity. And so rather than thinking new thoughts, we moralise.

    And when we moralise, we stop thinking about our present reality of plenty.

    We drive forward looking in the rear vision mirror of scarcity while plenty is rushing towards us through the windshield.

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    The composer Milton Babbitt once said "judge music for what it is, not for what it is not", which I think can be extended to apply to other ideas. I don't think other types of intelligences must be dismissed in order to value another type. Paul Erdos is the brilliant mathematician who couldn't open a jug of milk, but I value that intelligence and contribution because it is remarkable and worth all the admiration it is granted. By default that does not require a complete dismissal of other types of intelligence. It also doesn't mean everything is equal. It means that comparisons are often useless and result in distortions.

    Our competitive culture is so inundated with the gold, silver, and bronze medals that we attempt to extend that linear sense of "winning" into complex systems in which it doesn't apply. You can't line up different sorts of intelligence and give one the gold, the other the silver, etc. Every kind of intelligence is beholden to a specific context in which it operates.

    Our definitions tend to reflect our culture's values and the skills needed to succeed in that context. Western society has formed a type of split between academia and the working class in which theoretical intelligence is held as superior in part as a result of class divisions. At the same time, the larger society can feel ostracized by that split and end up being anti-intellectual by devaluing its contribution. I promote freedom and opportunity for all people to be exposed to intellectualism and hands on survival. This can increase an overall comprehension of what humanity is. A more holistic approach that values each contribution for what it is without forcing comparisons seems most reasonable.
    Step into my metaphysical room of mirrors.
    Fear of reality creates myopic morality

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoSunshine View Post
    ^ Which perhaps dispels the argument that N's are smarter than S's

    I know I posted some obscure data that I once read. I think that it is possible for there to be trends based on MBTI type, but clearly there is great variation between individuals. I know plenty of S's who are smarter than me.
    Oh, yeah. Not denying that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IZthe411 View Post
    Does that fit?
    As long as I'm the one with the axe
    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. " - Dr. Seuss
    I can't spell...get over it

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    Judging (J) 51.43%............Perceiving (P) 48.57%

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    Smart doesn't equal wisdom. You could be the smartest guy or lady in the room, able to do all sorts of equations, but not have a clue how make wise decisions in your life.

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    This whole thread makes me think of this meme and chuckle.

    Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.
    - Edmund Burke

    8w9 sx/so

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