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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahara View Post
    That sounds about right, I can remember alot of things, but don;t ask me to tell you the dates associated with them, or any number related facts.
    I can remember some important dates, I was a history major, but I remembered much easier the theories and currents of history more so than the exact dates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    I can remember some important dates, I was a history major, but I remembered much easier the theories and currents of history more so than the exact dates.
    I honestly struggle with dates, it caused me major problems in my court case, but since the coma numbers hurt my brain, prior to the coma I was the top maths student, it's weird.

    Infact the moment someone starts talking about maths, numbers, dates etc, I will start panicking inside, it's very hard to explain.

    Anyway, sorry for the thread hijack, back on topic, NF's are the most intelligent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RansomedbyFire View Post
    Is there any significant correlation? On average, who is the smartest type? For that matter, how do all the types rank? I've done some Google research, and all I've really found are two articles on it. Ironically, these two seem to suggest that Feeling and Intuitive types have higher I.Q.s. I find this kind of strange because I would imagine that Sensing and Thinking would make one smarter rather than going by one's emotions. Strange...
    That sounds like a strange idea to me as well. I would have assumed that NT's were best at solving abstract logic problems. In fact, I was recently sitting around thinking of which types outside of NT's would be best at such problems. It would have seemed to me that ESTJ, ENFP, INFJ, and ISTP were second-best at such problems. (I promise I didn't come up with that to give myself an ego trip.) I've never had an I.Q. test, however, and don't know how I would fare. It might be worth checking into. Interestingly, an NT I spoke to about that idea actually believed that all the NF's would be second-best at those sort of problems, believing that the ST types were actually worse at abstract logic problems (He has betrayed a bias against Sensors in the past that he doesn't seem to admit to or be aware of, so I don't know how reliable his opinion is.)

    Although part of the reason for the discrepancy might be that the test also measures language skills, and most people believe that NF's have superior language skills. Since we're also required to learn some math, that might balance us out more? Who knows?

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    from what i've seen so far, the SJs tend to do better on IQ tests if and only if they've studied and memorized the subject matter rigorously ahead of time ..

    i know i tend to do horrible on them .. partially because when i take them i can't help but think that these things are pointless and useless indicators of one's intelligence .. therefore as a result i don't put the effort i should into each question ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    I am not sure. There were some people on INFP Global who seemed to have an easier time with math and seemed to have college majors or work in math type fields. It did not seem to be the majority but it was there.
    my little bro is an INFP and a math whiz.
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    Someone wrote on some forum that INxxs are the most intelligent types. I don't know if their source of information was reliable but I can believe it.

    In the post that I'm referring to, INxxs were listed in the following order of intelligence:

    1. INTJ
    2. INTP
    3. INFP
    4. INFJ


    I don't think that INFPs are typically lousy at math. I and my INFP sister have both been good at math, although other things have interested us more. Basically at school I was good at everything that involved theory and was of interest to me: languages, math, and theory subjects. My math skills were more unreliable, though, than my other theoretical skills; for sometimes I would make extremely *stupid* and careless mistakes, and contradictingly, sometimes I would understand something difficult very easily. My math teacher admitted to being confused by the unpredictability of my mathematical understanding.

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    Highest correlation is to N as a single trait. IN has the greatest number of very high IQs (and depression, and all sorts of issues....) but besides that, isn't all that strongly correlated to IQ. T/J have no relevance to IQ, but J/P is for academics ect (with J being extremely predictive of how well one will do in school/job, along with IQ).

    This is true for gF and gC, though it sometimes shows that gF (the "raw" IQ) is more influenced by N... which makes sense, since they both test abstract/unlearned content.

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    There was a thread about this topic on INTPc recently, and the consensus was pretty much what ptgatsby stated. N is the most important trait. And IQ is relatively meaningless, anyway.
    "We grow up thinking that beliefs are something to be proud of, but they're really nothing but opinions one refuses to reconsider. Beliefs are easy. The stronger your beliefs are, the less open you are to growth and wisdom, because "strength of belief" is only the intensity with which you resist questioning yourself. As soon as you are proud of a belief, as soon as you think it adds something to who you are, then you've made it a part of your ego."

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    Heh, N's on average have a higher IQ, but are also more likely to have "unused potential".
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    Sahara wrote:

    someone can have a high IQ and it mean nothing because they do nothing with it, whereas someone with a lower IQ could achieve so much more because they actually act on whatever intelligence they have.

    IQ does not really = intelligence.
    I would agree with this. I have a somewhat high IQ but have done nothing meaningful with it other than fuel my imagination (which naturally is meaningful only to me).

    ptgatsby wrote:

    T/J have no relevance to IQ, but J/P is for academics ect (with J being extremely predictive of how well one will do in school/job, along with IQ).
    So, that's the explanation! I'll take any excuse I can get.

    J = success drive
    P = play drive

    Yet people think of INTPs as the consummate nerds . . . hah! INTJ all the way. (Well, okay, maybe both are, in a good nerd/bad nerd way, with the driven outshining the daydreaming.)
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    I didn't say that I didn't say it. I said that I didn't say that I said it. I want to make that very clear.

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