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Thread: What is YOUR point of living?

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    I haven't completely decideded yet between sex, drugs and rock n roll.

    No really, I'm already here and things aren't bad enough to wish differently. On a deeper level, I have no understanding of why I/we are here. For myself, I just live for the experience and maybe some of my curiosities and questions will be answered in time.

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    i don't really know, but always want to... results in unforgiving anxiety.


    Quote Originally Posted by Nocap
    Quote Originally Posted by laintpe
    Quote Originally Posted by Nocap
    Ideally I'll be the woman

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    to your own self be true

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    I know that my point of living is ruling the world. One day. Eventually.
    Until then... Enjoying life seems to be satisfying enough.
    It's quite a hedonistic approach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beyondaurora View Post
    What is yours? How do you stay motivated to live this life?
    Life. One shot deal, so, f*** if I'm not gonna experience and learn as much as I can.

    My curiosity motivates the above.

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    Meaning I suppose, creating it and pursuing it.

    Day to day it is mainly because life is amusing, strange, weird and fascinating. I'd hate to miss the show, and the possibilities. The small things in life keep me motivated and from being suicidal.

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    helping people become better people

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    Quote Originally Posted by beyondaurora View Post
    The way I see it is like this...

    Life came to play due to some millions-of-years-old comets bombarding the early Earth and planting the "seeds of life" -- some complex hydrocarbon molecules. Fast forward a few billion years, and presto! Here we are.

    So what the hell is the point to any of this? Well, obviously, there is no objective point. But there is a subjective point. What is yours? How do you stay motivated to live this life?
    I call bullshit on your adherence to the random seeds of life being planted here by comets. Firstly, any living carbon based organisms would have disintegrated into death upon entry into Earth's atmosphere, hence the need to assume some sort of delivery here from another source. Think FedEx + Noah's Ark if you wish, whatever.

    Second, Pasteur's experiments on spontaneous generation are very applicable here. Place a piece of meat in a jar, and leave it exposed to open air, and VOILA! maggots rise from the meat a few days later. Cover the same jar with the piece of meat in it with cheese cloth, and all of a sudden no maggots.

    Cheese Cloth = Earth's Atmosphere

    Bottom line, life comes from life. Life must be started from a seed.

    My point of living?

    I did not choose to be here, but here I am. I am thnakful for the life I have been given, and all the opportunities afforded to me. I will always perform acts that contribute to the greater good in my own quest for self actualization. I will enjoy each day to the fullest. I will not sweat the small stuff. I will honor, support and respect those who do right by me; and I will crush those who wrong me or my loved ones. I will love, I will dance, I will sing, and I will cry before I die. And when my knowledge and understanding fail to allow me to understand the world around me or the circumstances that have been forced into my life, I will let it all go and pray for divine inspiration that allows me to overcome the difficulties of that day, and to move forward into a better tomorrow. That is my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post

    Bottom line, life comes from life. Life must be started from a seed.
    Maybe not. I don't know how you can be so sure?

    Not knowing yet is not the same thing as being absolutely certain it is wrong. Science has not reached its end-all/be-all (yet).
    Regardless, we are getting closer and closer to filling in the gaps of how life began.

    For example:

    [Montreal scientists unlock mystery of early molecular mechanism

    Two Montreal researchers have proposed a new theory for a question that has long vexed evolutionary biologists: How did a mechanism thought to help build life self-assemble?

    Sergey Steinberg, a biochemistry professor at the University of Montreal, found the answer in the ribosome, a relatively large mechanism within the cell that takes RNA instruction and builds proteins.

    His discovery, made with student Konstantin Bokov, has been published in the scientific journal Nature.

    Scientists have long wondered how chemicals spontaneously came together to create proteins before life itself began.

    Steinberg and Bokov's theory fills in a critical step in how life got started four billion years ago, said Stephen Michnick, the Canada Research Chair in Integrative Genomics at the University of Montreal.

    A key breakthrough came when Steinberg found that chemicals could spontaneously come together and form something as complex as a ribosome. Previous theories had suggested only simple proteins could form spontaneously.

    This had been shown in a seminal experiment in the 1950s in which basic chemicals were combined in a flask, heated and zapped with electricity, creating basic amino acids as a result.

    But proving that chemicals can spontaneously form simple amino acids did not prove that spontaneous action could create more complex mechanisms.

    "In the absence of such explanations, some people could imagine unseen forces at work when such complex structures emerge in nature," said Steinberg.

    Steinberg was able to show otherwise. He found the ribosome was put together using relatively simple structural rules, a bit like a three-dimensional puzzle. For critics who ask why spontaneous formation didn't lead to something other than the ribosome, Steinberg used mathematical models to show there was no other possibility. The ribosome simply wouldn't hold together if it were constructed any other way.

    "The assembly followed rules that were logical and for which there were no alternatives," said Michnick. "This forces us to think about bigger structures. This type of thinking is important to understanding all sorts of structure."

    For instance, the next step might be to consider why proteins begin to form wrongly spontaneously.

    Several neurodegenerative diseases occur when proteins start to malform, said Michnick. Steinberg's research could give insight in how that happens, and why.
    Montreal scientists unlock mystery of early molecular mechanism

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    The point of living? .......

    Because you're alive. Isn't that enough? What else would you be doing anyway?

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