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Thread: Sincere and Phoney

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post

    You should always listen to your Mum - just wait until you are a Mum yourself.
    Is being a mom four times over enough to be called a mom yet? Or mum. Is mum different? Do I have to have a teenager for that? Are my kids too young to qualify me for that?

    I also didnt mean "friends" as in people you add to yahoo. I mean "friends" as in stay at their house for the weekend, have them over, family meetups and such things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiltyred View Post
    Victor, honestly, you have no shame.
    It's true, I don't come from a shame and honour culture like the Japanese or Arabic cultures.

    But I do come from a sin and repentance culture.

    And I am grateful you pointed out to me my mistake of thinking 'phoney' derived from 'phone'.

    As an extenuating circumstance, I would say that although sometimes there you spell it 'phony', here we tend to spell it 'phoney'.

    And so I made the etymological mistake of thinking 'phoney' came from 'phone'.

    It is a sin. And I repent. And I won't do it again.
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