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Thread: Dissociation and Integrity

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    Default Dissociation and Integrity

    Dissociation is very interesting.

    It has its origin in an abusive childhood - even an emotionally abusive childhood.

    Such abuse is usually denied by the adult and so remains hidden, continuing to do its damage on the next generation.

    Dissociation is caused by pain and suffering and causes pain and suffering.

    This is too much for a child acknowledge and remains hidden even in the adult.

    Here dissociation reveals itself in a compulsive, relentless jokiness.

    But just below the jokey surface lies nastiness. And beneath the nastiness lies pain, denial and dissociation.

    The way out of dissociation is to make our way towards integrity.

    Often this means finding an empathic person who will listen to our pain.

    But in lieu of finding such a person, we turn to the cult of the dissociated, called MBTI.

    MBTI gives us immediate relief by validating our dissociation, but only at the price of our integrity.
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    Isn't having a lack of self-integrity, not acknowledging anything that bothers us, hence, dissociation?

    I thought dissociation means to not recognize pain, period, right? When we look at our type results, we identify our strengths/weaknesses -> isn't it quite the opposite? Doesn't it have a positive effect, hence, we gain integrity since we try to improve ourselves?

    I heard that about 80% of families are dysfunctional. In being dysfunctional, we find functionality when we comprehend the situation by associating factors that are working so that we continue to develop as healthy individuals outside of our influences, past hardships so that we turn it into joy, self-respect, personal rewards, deep, fulfilling lives.

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    Define dissociation.
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    there is no transcendence without differentiation and no unification without a transcending force. actually the transcending force is intentionally dissociated, whenever someone dismisses differentiation. the force of differentiation is the intelligence behind the cult of the mbti. this force does by nature not have any motive to create dissociation or to support it. if you suppress the cult of the mbti you are suppressing the underlying intelligence witch is both transcendence and differentiation.

    there can be absolutely no integrity without a differentiating and individuating transcendence.
    suppressing differentiation is a vertical dissociation of transcendence

    the whole mechanism of emotional abuse is the suppression of differentiation by overwriting true boundaries with a lie or ignorance (amnesia), thus breaking the legs of the transcending force, and eventually stopping development for ever.

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    look, there are four directions (tensions) to everything human. to reach wholeness all of them need to be accessible. you can not dismiss one or three of them, because you want to put an emphasis on one direction that has apparently been dismissed in some regards for a while. actually you can not put an emphasis on one of them, without involuntarily dismissing the other ones, if you dont understand the four directions. so go figure.

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