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Thread: What does it mean to be "open minded"?

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    Open minded means understanding more than your self-indulgance in whatever you do first.

    Science is self-indulgance, religion self-indulges. people self indulge and anything new is seen as scary. Science and religion are from the same base fear, fear of the unkown and so different criteria for trying to unravel superstition are formulated. One tries to control it via emotions the other tries to control it via logic. both miss the mark big time and whopping gaps happen that are in no way related to the correlation of being open minded. Now the terms of themselves are entities, thought forms that is self-indulgence and its global.

    When this collapses it becomes epic like the financial crisis, whopping self-indulgance mind meeds emotions. and the shockwaves resound globaly because the whole system is shut down, not at all open minded to positive ways of being, but selfish and close minded as an entity when it comes to all things that money represents.

    Its the same here, everywhere, it is a form of conditioning that limites the use of true power of self purpose, self direction and hence being open minded means not being afraid of anything for there is nothing to be afraid of. It is an illusion created by the mind for the mind. A trap in a box, the reality we live in is good like that, tried and tested without fail.

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    For me open mindedness is when you don't automatically judge an idea or a situation, or what was said. Also opening yourself up to new experiences and waiting to see if you liked it or not then stating your case. Open mindedness is also being able to see the opinions of other people and not judging them for it.

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    I'm not sure I buy science being close minded. The scientific method in a sense is the most open minded thing there is. Being open minded doesn't mean you can't choose not to believe something, it means that you are willing to test many new ideas, even if they look silly at first sight. Of course, there are scientists that are close minded, but that's not a fault of the scientific method.
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    I truly believe that "open minded" is nothing but a meaningless scare word that gets deployed in argumentation as an ad hominem attack. If someone seems "closed minded" because they reject all other ideas that they're not familiar with, the problem isn't that they need to open their minds...the problem is that they need to not be stupid. If they weren't functionally retarded to begin with, then they'd already have the positive qualities that we associate with having an "open mind."
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    I think it simply means to give an argument a fair chance, not to reject something before you have enough info on it. I realize that "enough" is a vague term, and I think it's difficult to say when "enough" becomes enough to constitute giving a fair chance, but that's my basic idea of "open-minded".

    I think people who go around calling others close-minded are possibly massive hypocrites because they seem unable to grasp that someone else could possibly come to a different conclusion with the same info they have (and does that statement make me one? :P). There seems to be an assumption that someone only holds a different view because they are closed to hearing the "facts" or alternate viewpoints, as opposed to giving the benefit of the doubt that the person has thoughtfully considered many views before settling on the one they hold.

    I don't think being blown with the wind or having no standards makes a person "open-minded" in a positive way. This goes hand-in-hand with people flinging the term "judgmental" around, as if having any standards or opinions on whether something is good/bad automatically makes you closed-minded and, well, mean.
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    Not to dismiss a possibility based on your own personal perception of the universe.

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