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Thread: Baseless(?) Fear

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    You really need to search your heart for the answers.
    Guilt is not a good reason to uproot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJMom View Post
    You really need to search your heart for the answers.
    Guilt is not a good reason to uproot.

    This has the real ring of truth to it. If you left to get away from a negative situation - not tangibly, but emotionally - and you are reacting to the stress even thinking about going back, it's a very strong indicator that you shouldn't go back. And when you say you wouldn't go back if it wasn't for your daughter... don't be afraid to put your own needs first, a little. You are her main family, still, and if it hurts you, it's going to be harder on her than being farther way from more distant family.

    Given the depth of the stress you feel, and even as a stranger-on-the-net, I can't say I would advise you to go back... Strong negative reaction, no personal incentive...

    The short of it is, however, is that you either need to deal with left over issues from before, or the guilt issues you have now. The two, together, are putting you in an emotional bind.

    (INTJmom's comments on writing/etc is good advice, too, IMO.)

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