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View Poll Results: Females: Do you get less or more depressed after talking to friends about issues?

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Thread: Girl-Talk -> More Depression?

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    It really depends on the personality of the female friend in question. I'll talk to female friends, but only if they're the kind to offer advice and/or help me analyse the situation. But then, I usually just talk to my boyfriend. When I go to my female friends for help, it'll be because I need their point-of-view as well. So, I suppose one could say that I prefer the advice and assistance of people who can help me see through the mess of emotions instead of empahsising them.

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    The OP makes sense in the context of commiseration simply being talking at each other.

    There are some people to whom I will never voice my emotional state because it's like bouncing off a brick wall. Others will give me my due, and in no time at all (seconds), I'm back on top.

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