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    Default Dominant Functions

    I would love to hear from people why and how they use their dominant function. What are the benefits and maybe also the drawbacks, and how has it shaped your view of the world? I figure there is no better example for every function than the one provided by someone who knows how to use it well.

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    Probably I use Ti the most, considering the typology and that I am almost always thinking. Why I use it, because it comes naturally. It feels amazing when I arrive at a far-reached (and far-abstract) insight into things. How I use it. I envisage I use it as a modulator of Ne. But that's still pretty theoretical. In its introverted functioning it holds back perception (and outward action), edits it... Lately I've been balancing it more with Si, providing a little more relaxation. I think Ti is attributing to stress, at least when not being relaxed by using Fe. The other day I envisaged (probably Ti doing that) to amplify perception, like reflecting it a lot, creating a bigger sensitivity to signals. Another function of Ti is then to suppress this again.

    Ok, a little global answer to your question.

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