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Thread: psychoanalyze this feeling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    What do you think,did we nail the thing or we are not even close to the truth?
    Wow, I just linked this thread in vent, and realized I never responded to this.

    The end result was...I felt a sadness over the chimps because I had always used my primitive behavior to justify my disconnection with others.

    When I watched the video, I saw that even monkeys get it, and it sort of changed my perspective. I started to equate myself with insects. Less group oriented, more factual.

    Since this thread, I have been trying to understand group dynamics, and its relevance. Socialization.

    The end result...I'd be lying if I said I have changed.

    I explored human dynamics, and for some reason... I cannot adapt to them.

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    What is interesitng is that your current avatar is of a human insect. Coincidence?

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    I don't really believe in coincidence, lol.

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