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4-5 Lbs in a month. I'm feeling jealous.

Are you taking any supplements and if yes, what are they (did he recommend any supplements)?
What are the trainer's charges? (I want to do a comparison to the charges here).
Well, I think it helps that aside from the 1-2 days a week that I go dancing and the two days he works me out, I just sit around not doing much of anything but I still eat everything like I'm working out that day. I'm hungry all the damned time now so it can't be helped.

My trainer charges $100/mo for two days a week. The sessions usually last about 20-30 minutes and that's because right there is very little cardio: I warm up with pushups or squats, then he puts me on several machines with low reps but higher weights. By the time I'm done whatever part of my body we worked out is sore as all get out for 2-3 days afterwards. I've made good progress though. My very first session was upper body and I couldn't even do one push up after I was done. Last Tuesday we did upper body again, 5 weeks after my first session, and I could do 4 sets of 10 pushups. I *love* knowing that I'm getting stronger.

Right now I'm not taking any supplements, but he did recommend one for me which I'm going to try once I get back from my vacation week after next. Right now I just eat a shit load of protein and complex carbs (red potatoes, brown rice) on his orders and it seems to be working pretty well.

I'm feeling pretty good about this. I don't know if my next 4 weeks will have similar progress but we'll see.