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    Default Wolfy's Training Log

    This is where I will post workout stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    I thought of some goals today. I think it was ten plus thirty minute sessions a week and upper body photos. I can't remember and I think I lost the piece of paper. I'm pretty sure that was it.
    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    Goals. Performance goals will probably be 3+ 30min+ weight training sessions not including lessons I give. 3+ 30min cardio/metabolic training sessions including lessons I give. And 3 30min+ stretch sessions a week. My outcome goals will probably be better defined abs and increased flexibility and some strength goals.
    I suppose it'd be good to get used to posting workouts.

    Yesterday I lifted for about an hour. Worked up to five reps in squat, bench, deadlift and overhead press that took thirty minutes. Did a thirty minute ab session. The abs was choreography practice as well as training. I also gave a thirty minute pump lesson. Today I am stretching thirty minutes.

    So that is two thirty minute lifting sessions, one metabolic training session and one stretch session.
    I've done one extra stretch since then.

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    Good show, mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoom View Post
    Good show, mate.

    I did thirty minutes of weights today. Just some arm and shoulder stuff. I also gave a stretch lesson, it's for shoulder stiffness... getting popular with the daytime members. I also gave another lesson which is a mix of cardio and body weight exercises, you know... running around and doing push ups and stuff like that.

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    Did thirty minutes core work.

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    Gave a thirty minute pump lesson. I'll tell you something, it's much harder to talk and exercise. Going for a two hour workshop tomorrow to learn some new choreography.

    Been keeping carbs low in the evening as well.

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    Did a two hour workshop, an hour of training in pump. Only had a few hours sleep so I am pretty fried. I really like this album at the moment and it fits...

    [YOUTUBE="RFsOwnZkIm8"]Dr Alibi[/YOUTUBE]

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    I enjoyed the track and field. And I'm looking forward to the rugby.

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    I gave two lessons. One was a thirty minute pump lesson. Pump is doing weights choreographed to music. The main goal is raising your metabolism. I also gave a thirty minute core lesson, that was more fun because I designed the choreography.

    I'm still a bit rough around the edges with these classes but they're fun to do.

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    On behalf of everyone except halla: We are shamed =/

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