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Thread: The different MBTI flavors of 9

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    Default The different MBTI flavors of 9

    Although some would disagree, there is no good reason Enneagram and Jungian-ased typology cannot coexist and intermingle. One concerns motivations and fears, the other how we perceive and judge the world and data. Neither steps on the other's toes as valuable tools and fascinating psychometric systems.

    I'm not certain what statistical data there is to help this discussion, but I've seen 9s of a lot (if not every) mbti type on here and other forums, assuming they weren't mistyped. 9 seems to cover a lot of the introverted mbti types, but there's also a fair amount of extraverted 9s, particularly ENFPs.

    The basic idea/goal of this thread is that 9 members of this forum of various jungian/mbti types can provide the most objective possible descriptions of their experience--what it means to be a 9 of _ _ _ _ type--so we can compare and contrast, and get an idea for the diversity of 9 types. I'm curious, for instance, how a Ne-dominant might operate differently than a Ni-dom, to offer just one example. The instinctual types and different wings give us even more to consider. Would an ENFP 9w1 so initially appear different than an ENFP 9w8 sx, for example?

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    I am an INFJ 9 w8 and I am...

    ....Outwardly calm, inwardly determined, sometimes restless.

    ....a peacemaker, a diplomat, a builder of bridges,

    ...creative, hard-working, productive, original

    ....I do not look for trouble, and try to avoid it. I don't believe in needless conflict; however, I have been known to face a madman with a loaded gun, literally. A friend tells me that I am a "steel magnolia," a sweet southern gal that appears like a push over until somebody actually attempts to push, then I'm like a double edged sword, sharp quick and to the point.

    ...I rarely insult or criticize others. There's no need in harming when it serves no real purpose. I believe in building people up, not tearing them down.

    ...I believe in walking softly and carrying a big stick.

    ...I don't judge others.

    ...I'm open-minded. I weigh my words carefully before I speak them or write them. My goal is to make a positive contribution and foster improvement everywhere I go.

    ...I need to have either my mind or body engaged in something all of the time.

    ...I am extremely calm in a crisis and can think on my feet. It's almost like Ni-Ti-Se works in unison, completely by-passing Fe in an emergency. Fe is the vehicle that carries Ni into the world and seems to deal more with social navigation.

    ...I detest small talk.

    ...I don't use vulgarity or lots of curse words. I feel like people do these things because they have to prove how tough they are...I don't feel that need. (I may be wrong. It may just be because it's a habit. Still, I like the challenge of getting my point across without it. It's a control thing maybe.)

    ...I'm not really afraid of anything, but I don't take stupid risks.

    ...I listen to my gut, even above my head, because my gut feeling is never wrong. My head sometimes is. My emotions sometimes are, but that gut feeling, that "knowing" never is.
    A student said to his master: "You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" The master replied: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war." - unknown/Chinese
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    I don't really see myself as that different from other 9s (especially w8s), the same core motivations are there. I do however feel different from other ENTPs as they are typically Id types and what is considered ENTP on forums is more about the main shared Enneagram types than NeTi. In either case though, it's the stereotypes that annoy me, either that 9s are peace loving hippies who are unwilling to be argumentative and the cause of the disturbance of peace or oozing Fe/Fi from their pores, or that ENTPs are self-interested narcissists who love the sound of their own voices and don't realise when people aren't laughing with them.

    The main ways my MBTI impacts my 9 in a different way is through the love of newness/change/possibility/options/etc. As much as my 9 enjoys comfort, I get restless with routine and can only manage for so long before I need for things to be shaken up. It can be contradictory as I am excited by possibilities and unknowns yet at the same time I can float along in a holding pattern for some time while working out where I would rather be before I move. I'd rather take a different path every time though.
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    Love what you say about stereo types.
    A student said to his master: "You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" The master replied: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war." - unknown/Chinese

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    As an ISTP 9w8:

    On the exterior, I generally come across as a laid-back, "go with the flow" type of person, but I can be very ambitious and driven (this isn't always outwardly apparent).

    At work I tend to be comfortable letting others take charge, particularly concerning mundane, boring, or routine tasks, but I won't hesitate to step up if I think better leadership is needed and I won't hesitate to question authority figures if I think they are wrong or haven't considered other viable options.

    Like most 9s I value and strive for harmony and stability, but that doesn't necessarily mean I will be happy doing the same thing day after day. Work becomes boring and routine once I've mastered it; that's when I want to move on/try something new, or in the very least to add new challenges to my job. In short, the 9 makes me appreciate harmony and stability in any group or situation, while the TiSe makes me thirst for new challenges to overcome; look for ways of making things more exciting. Just one of the "contradictions" of being 9 and ISTP.

    Usually avoid conflict at all cost, but sometimes I can become quite confrontational. My wife says I have two speeds: spineless and CRAZY--"CRAZY" for me is when I can become physically or emotionally volatile, although more often I become more sharp-tongued, blunt, and argumentative, having learned to tame my physical rage as I've gotten older. If people with whom I am in conflict do one thing but say another thing or contradict themselves in any way, I can be very damaging. My Ti looks for the tiniest difference or discrepancy and when it is found, it becomes ammunition to be used against someone else in an argument.

    I generally don't tease or poke fun of people in a spiteful manner unless they've asked for it. Like I said, I can be blunt (often without realizing so, apparently). Sometimes I unintentionally hurt peoples' feelings as a result of merely being honest or pointing out the obvious. I have shit for Fe.

    Agree with @Ene and Roosevelt that walking softly but carrying a big stick is a good approach to dealing with anyone--people who know me casually won't realize this until they see my confrontational side which can be very intimidating.

    I don't like to spend any longer than necessary working on a problem. Deliberation is fine, but there comes a point where thinking/talking about a problem is just that (thinking/talking) and nothing is getting fixed.

    I'm generally very open-minded and accept that people are diverse. If someone does something to go against the status quo, then they should be dealt with accordingly. Mercy is fine, but fairness trumps all. I am aware that the status quo isn't always right and must sometimes be questioned. Do unto others and etc.... is a good philosophy for dealing with people in this world.

    Agree with @Ene -- I must always have my mind or body engaged in something or I become bored and restless. It's hard for me to just relax. Usually my "down time" still consists of doing something with my hands and/or brain.

    I tend to remain calm in a crisis--overemotional reactions by others stress me out and I see no good use for them. A crisis is when my typically laidback demeanor changes to one that is calm but forceful and determined.

    There is a lot more I can add later, but this is just the things that were most obvious to me about being ISTP 9w8

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