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Thread: Others Anger

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    I think I feel similarly, if not exactly the same. I think I basically treat anger in other people the way I treat it in myself.

    For me, I try to make sure I'm completely justified in acting in anger before I do, and that sort of justification is rarely achieved. I rarely act on anger outside of that, and when I do I feel embarrassed and ashamed and disappointed in myself. I think anger is a dangerous, costly thing. There has to be justification for it and it has to be on a leash. I think I just automatically have the same expectations of other people, I do think this leads to something that might appear hypocritical to others, which is that I tend to feel that shutting down an irresponsibly angry person is a justified use of anger (assuming it will work, of course). And, again, when I do thin anger is justified, that's fine, and I'm happy to get behind someone who justly angry, but I have very little respect for it otherwise.
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    Wait, what? Just catching up on the conversation - I think that EXXJ types are much more interested in enforcing laws than just ones in a general sense. I don't enjoy enforcing laws, although I do like order in some sense. It's only in the absence of any kind of leadership or order that I have the impulse to do so. For example, in the airport, I saw parents who allowed their old enough to know better children to scream, tantrum, run, bump into others and manipulate in such a way that it was affecting people around them significantly, while the parents either visited with each other/texted, or else kept just sitting and loudly saying the child's name as an exaggerated show of discipline that was not there. Another example would be on the bridge when I am going home, people do really stupid things, weaving in and out at 130-150 km/hr in an 80 zone, hoping to save three seconds, when they will soon have a double lane to pass in, and nearly rear end or sideswipe me in the process. In that case, I am more than happy to lean on my horn to draw attention to the fact that what they are doing actually is not socially acceptable or responsible.

    I wonder if I seem angrier than I think I am. In general, I don't think I feel angry a whole lot, but maybe it's just going underground in some way I'm not aware of...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    2) If they're acting on their anger in a way that makes sense and is justifiable, then I'm fully in support of it. But I experience exactly the same frustration you described in the OP, with people who "act irrationally" or "have no impulse control". Ultimately I find those to be much greater sins than letting out anger -- and I try to never commit those sins (and I feel pretty awful and hypocritical when I do)
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