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Thread: Sevens in Love

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    Quote Originally Posted by 011235813 View Post
    Armando Molina on 7s in love, from Our Ways.

    Any chance you can post the section on 3's and 8's? Didn't see them if they were out already. Thanks

    EDIT: What happened to OP? Can't "mention" him/her.

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    My last relationship was with a 7. Most of it was completely amazing but then one day something went wrong and our close, loving, intimate relationship ended up disintegrating in a matter of weeks. I have never had that happen to me before. It was traumatic and awful.

    The worst thing is this: I know that he will get over it faster than I do because he can actually weep for what he's lost and move on whereas I will nurture the resentment and pain in my heart for years.

    Anyway, a lot of this description is true of him. I mean, it is horrible and I am bitter but it is still true in spite of that.

    I do like 7s though. I often find them incredibly attractive. But given my experience, they're terrible for my mental health.

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    I think I am a 7 and I am in love.

    I think about my Amor all the time, night and day. I vacillate between feeling disbelief that someone could love me like my Amor does, and feeling blissfully happy in knowing that my Amor does love me more than anyone else has. I want to know my Amor, and be known by my Amor. I am not concerned about rules of society, which has always made me question my infj status, but I think this aspect of my personality is a manifestation of being a 7. Because I am sx, it means my Amor and I will make our own rules.

    Being a 7 and in love means I dream and I dream big. Ideas come to me unbidden and surge in like surf at high tide. Once my mind gets ahold of these, it surfs out onto those waves like a playful otter. I build a life for us that could happen, but just has not yet happened because of life circumstances. Then as I come back down to reality, I must reckon with the truth of the here and now, which is not as much fun. Still, I am always moving forward, looking at what could be, seeing the potential in every situation, and every person.

    I know with certainty, and with time, some truths. Such as I am loved and I am wanted to distraction. And I want. And I need. Big. I am demanding. I have high standards. I am a task master. But I am also loyal to a fault. I do not give up easily or often. And, despite, what typical extraverted 7's might be like, I do not move on quickly or easily. In fact, all my life it is I who have been rejected. Not who has been the one rejecting.

    I trust God will send me my Amor, as He said He would. But I also think I might live alone the rest of my life. Either is likely in my head. I trust God more than myself though...

    So yeah.
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