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Thread: 2w1 vs 2w3

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    Default 2w1 vs 2w3

    So, I thought I was a 2w1, but, I am less certain now. Would someone point in the direction of some good descriptions of how the twi wings present differently? Thanks!
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    I'm not certain where good descriptions are at this time, but you do have both wings. In my own personal experience, we tend to develop the other wing as we get older. So you should see evidence for both 1 and 3.

    I'd go more by which set of concerns have troubled you more outwardly throughout the course of your life.

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    Twos with a one wing (2w1) value emotional commitment. When healthy, they act from general principles about the value of serving others. They put ethics before pride and they hold themselves to high standards. They are respectful of the boundaries of others. When unhealthy, tend to confuse their sense of mission with self-centered needs and believe all of their actions are perfectly justified by their ethic of helping. They also might repress their personal desires and focus entirely on the needs of others.

    Twos with a three wing (2w3) just want to care for and be appreciated by others. When healthy, can be charming, good-natured and heartfelt. They really get things done and serve effectively on projects that involve the well-being of others. They thrive on group-thinking and are generally good communicators. . When unhealthy, they can be emotionally manipulative.
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