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Thread: SX phobic 6?

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    Default SX phobic 6?

    In my mind a Sexual first type six would be in the most negative terms possible, would be a whiny bitch. They are generally the braver of the three on their own two feet, but they bitch all the time.

    Nothing wrong with being that sort of person, I'm like that quite a god damn lot but that is the first thing on my mind. What would be a more objective version of this, and also tell me about what you think would be more apt for a sexual phobic 6.

    I know it's a horrible example though, but most other thoughts just leave me sort of blank about the whole thing.
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    A really sexy whiny bitch, since their SX instinct is cultivating strength and beauty.

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    Female phobic Sx/Sp 6s are like psuedo 4s or 9w8s. They're not in people's faces 24/7, but they don't take BS either.

    A male Sx-first phobic 6 would be like Christopher Moltisanti from the Sopranos.

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