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Thread: When down in the dumps, do you retreat entirely inside your head?

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    Quote Originally Posted by msg_v2 View Post
    I've noticed when I feel shitty, I tend to really withdraw into my head. I ignore my physical environment, and become even more of a slob then I am already. I lose my appetite. I keep everything outside my head as far away as possible. Am I alone with this?
    Same here, except I don't so much become a slob as just super spacey. I'm mostly there right now.
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    I can identify with the not eating part. Isolate myself, moping, dragging my feet. Sleeping in the shower, sleeping for hours in the bed. Disconnect from the world. I guess with my Te I express it to myself in private and figure things out through that way.

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    It depends on what kind of "down" I am. If, say, I get a letter of denial from a company I interviewed for and wanted to work for, I'd get down and, unfortunately, booze is my release.

    If I'm "down" on life in general, I try to sleep through it. I also purchased some St. John's Wort that I take the powder out of the capsules and make tea. It helps quite a lot.

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