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Thread: Any other 8's have difficulty working boring jobs?

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    Default Any other 8's have difficulty working boring jobs?

    I get bored. Hard.

    When I'm bored at work, my bosses just get horribly horribly offended. The word used was "Lackadaisical".

    For this reason I've been fired from most of my jobs. For me, there is no in-between. I'm not even allowed to be bored when I'm working in an office. I still get harassed by the boss who gives me busy work. Its as if my boredom is infectious and just ruins peoples' lives or something. I have been forced into entrepreneurdom, and working construction jobs where its damn near impossible to get fired.

    Any other 8's have this issue? Or is this just my 7 wing?

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    I find that the busier I am at a job, the less bored I get, but even then it starts to get to be routine. I find I have to actively shake it up by volunteering to work different areas to cover for no-shows, or by looking around for other work in the area.. Or, panic and go overseas.
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