Well, better a year or two late than never. (Just found this thread, and there's not much else going on here, so I'll amuse myself by answering the questions.)

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1. Is it important to you to be able to predict how things will turn out?
Kinda sorta. I like pleasant surprises as well as anyone, but I appreciate stability and familiarity more than most people, I think. And I do look ahead to the outcome; I don't tend to relish the process.

2. Do you think of potential or hypothetical futures/outcomes for yourself a great deal?
I imagine all kinds of stuff--just as possibilities. But most of the time I'm more or less in a rut--doing what's familiar and expecting the usual outcomes. But if somebody brings up a questionable idea (or if I think of one myself), I'm quick to see any possible negative outcomes, since those have to be avoided.

3. Do you ever predict things in an overly optimistic way, or do you tend to always err on the side of caution?
Well, sometimes I've bought a gift for my wife, imagining that she'd really like it and I'd be thanked profusely for it, only to be disappointed by a so-so response or even a puzzled look. To avoid, that, I usually do take the cautious approach.

4. When/if you assume the worst, do you do it because you genuinely believe it will really happen, or do you intentionally lower your expectations so you won't end up disappointed/unprepared?
It doesn't feel like I'm assuming the worst; it seems to me I'm just covering all the bases and doing all I can to ensure that things will go smoothly and have a positive outcome. Because of that, I never thought of myself as pessimistic, but more optimistic.

5. How do you feel when things turn out better than expected? Are you just relieved, or does it bother you that you went a bit overboard?
I'm delighted when things go well. If they come out better than expected, I'm surprised and grateful. I only feel I went overboard if I put a lot of unnecessary effort into preparing. But by the time of the event, preparation is all water under the bridge anyway.

6. Do you often find yourself saying, "I told you so" or, "I knew that would happen" or just generally relishing being right?
No. I might think it to myself at times, but I'm more interested in just picking up the pieces and moving on.

7. Does naivety or lack of foresight in others really bother you? If so, why?
I think maybe there are different kinds of naivety and lack of foresight. I'm guilty of some of it myself. My INTJ wife has plenty of foresight in the sense of planning and being pragmatic, but she seems almost childish in certain ways. I'm childish in other ways. It confuses me and gets in the way sometimes. When it messes up stability and leads to undesirable outcomes, then it bothers me.

8. Do you feel compelled to get involved or speak up if someone is making bad decisions? Is it hard for you to keep your mouth shut when people are, or a situation is, 'sure to fail' (eg. at work)?
At work, it's part of my job. I'm an editor, and I regularly see and repair jobs that are going in the wrong direction or weren't put together right in the first place. At home, there's only my wife to speak up to; and she usually makes good decisions. If she wants to do something that threatens to upset me too much, I'll complain.

9. How do you feel about risk? Do you enjoy it at times or prefer to minimise it (or is some sort of combination of the two)?
I enjoy it in small doses almost all the time. Once in a great while a big risk can be exciting too. But in any case, I tend to hedge my bets; and I test the water first if I can.

10. How do you react when something (small or large) negative happens that you couldn't possibly have predicted?
Depends on what it is. Generally I guess my heart sinks, and I wonder why such a terrible thing had to happen to me. I also feel I should have foreseen it somehow and prepared better for it.

11. How do you react when something (small or large) negative happens that you could/should have predicted?
Same thing. I almost always feel I could and should have somehow predicted whatever happened. I always wonder, What did I do to cause this? and How could I have prevented it?

12. Do you ever find yourself caught between enjoying/remarking at something surprising/shocking, and at the same time claiming you knew it would happen all along? If so, how does that work in your head? Have you missed the contradiction, or are these positions somehow congruent in your head in ways others don't understand?
What contradiction? Whatever happens, I feel that I half-consciously knew (or strongly suspected) all along that it would happen. But the actual event can still hit me as a surprise or shock. The "knowing it all along" part is often unconscious or occurring on another level; it can be a subtle thing. The actual experience is right out in the open and hits me where I'm fully conscious.

13. Have you ever been outright tricked, conned or played by someone?
In games probably, and when people perform magic tricks. Not in any big way I can think of. But I absolutely hate it when it happens even in a small way. When I was a kid, I learned a few magic tricks (sleight-of-hand illusions) and performed them successfully; but I felt so bad when others were fooled that I always revealed the secret. I love board games and such, but I avoid games that involve deception; they just don't sit well with me at all. I do not like being fooled, and I do not like fooling others.

14. Do you sometimes charge into a situation convinced that things will turn out well? If so, what gives you that confidence?
I do--sometimes. Often it's experience that makes me confident. If I've done something often enough, I become certain that I can get the outcome I want. Other times it's just about the opposite: it's something new to me, but the situation demands boldness, so I swallow my fear and go into counterphobic mode. Then I'm convinced things will turn out well just because they have to. If they don't, I'm totally screwed, and I can't afford to think about that possibility.

15. What/whom do you put faith and trust in? What does it take to qualify as being so?
I put my faith in God, in Divine Spirit. I guess I doubt myself and everyone else. In the back of my mind there's always the possibility that even those closest to me might, at some point, abandon or turn on me. I don't think God ever will. But I have to be careful that I don't abandon or turn on God; I'm sure I probably have, many times.