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Thread: What's it take to keep a relationship with a 4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Arendee View Post
    What is your avatar? I want to see a bigger version of it, it looks kinda awesome.
    I'll show you:

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    Woah @Wind-Up Rex, YES to everything you said. So good, all of it. -^_^-
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind-Up Rex View Post
    The 8/4 dance is pretty infamous. I've mentioned elsewhere that Fours seem to be the type that pull me the most, but just like for the OP it never seems to work out. My experience has been that there's a very intense bond that forms, generally to the exclusion of everything else. Boundaries get stripped away early. It's not always healthy. The attraction is pretty straightforward for me: Fours inhabit their inner world as totally and confidently as we navigate the outer one. It doesn't sound like much, but the sense of completion that can be derived from that can feel utter.
    I had this intensity issue with a 4 , too. So true.

    What I'd recommend is becoming clearer about your own needs, rather than just going from entanglement to entanglement based on what feels good to you. Know what you will and will not stand for up front and it will help you to make better decisions about who you date, and will make your relationships more successful accordingly.
    Yes. Being straight forward and up front is what 8s do best, after all.

    Great posts here. =)
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