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    5s, 9s the most. Sometimes 6s.

    I find that I can talk to 5s in more 'depth', and can also explore the darker side a bit more, though that may seem superficial. 9 is also patient, receptive and can be 'deep' in communication partly because they can adapt to other. The communication feels more deep and not as 'light' as with 7. I also like 8s, 2s and 3s at times. 1s, rarely. 4s, sometimes but I find they can be difficult as well.

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    The ideal types for me are E2s and E6s. In their different ways both of these types are caring, sensitive and unafraid of intimacy. I am a very emotionally complex, dynamic and devoted partner which is something both the E2 and E6 woman want. They can provide a bit of a sounding board for me and don't seem phased by my mood shifting and intensity. I also like E3s and E4s, in fact these are the women who are most attracted to me, but we probably have too many weak points in common to support each other in a rut.

    Types for me to avoid are E5s, E9s and E1s. These women are not very effusive, they dislike my theatrics, volatility (and in the case of E1) irreverence. While I like E9 women, their avoidant nature spells disaster in a relationship. E5s and E1s come across as bland, rigid and dull.

    I don't have any strong feelings about E7s and E8s.

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    I am not 4 but there is something that attracts me to 4s (unless they are totally unhealthy), I guess it is lack of emotional detachment. As if only with them you can experience love in the way it should be experienced.

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    5, 6, 7, 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by senza tema View Post
    5, 6, 7, 8

    *starts dancing*

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    Upper average to healthy 2s...
    For a rescuer-seeking 4 like me, 2s rescue me. When healthy, they have a way of making my Fe feel at ease.. and are the most warm and giving people you'll meet.

    My beloved fellow 4s...
    I care a lot about unhealthy 4s since I've been there. Average to healthy 4s tie with my other favorite type, 1s. They are the deepest people you'll meet. They embody facets of creativity and shades of emotional colors that some could never imagine.

    I'm so impressed with 5s. Their knowledge mesmerizes me and makes for potentially intriguing/satisfying conversation. They mentally explore with me, thoroughly, and have that amazing ability to retain information. I have much to learn from them.

    They are bundles of energy and charm and fun to go out and explore and do things with. They can truly be a refreshing light in the melancholy world of a 4. But at times their scattered'ness can stress me out. And I've often found there to be a frustrating friction between their 7 avoidance of painful topics and my 4 draw toward.. "the dark side." Still love them though.

    I talk a lot. & they listen. I especially love that I can easily get them interested in new things. And they'll endlessly come along with my proposed spontaneous adventures. I feel like I can relax around them. Put any 9 and I in a room together and somehow we always end up getting drawn to each other's aura.

    I greatly admire 1s...
    And they tie with my other favorite type, 4.
    They have an uncompromising sense of morality or strong personal values. They strive to do the right thing, even at personal risk or sacrifice. (And I admire sacrifice more than any thing in the entire world.) They are inspiring, motivating, challenging, excellent teachers who lead by example, visionaries, driven and self-disciplined. When they do something, they do it all the way and they do it well. They give their 100, their all.

    (Now I feel guilty for my top favorites being that of my own tritype. Hope it doesn't seem vain lol.)
    Enneagram 4dw 1w2 5w4 sx/so {The Researcher}
    Oldham Styles Mercurial, Sensitive, Idiosyncratic
    Temperament Sanguine Melancholic proclaim freedom for the captives
    and release from darkness for the prisoners.. bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes..
    ~ Isaiah 61:1,3
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    I am Fi-IEE (ENFP) 4w3 (7-8) sx/sp.

    Both of my boyfriends were sx/sos (one was 5-2-1 and the other was 3-1-7; both had strong 1 sx influences in their tritypes). I dated a 8-2-5 sp/so, meh.

    So I guess, I have a thing competent types, lol.

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    Other E4s. E1, E2, E5, E6, and E7.
    Johari | Nohari

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    Definitely 6 and 8. My boyfriend is something between the two. He leans more towards a 6 but his tritype also involves the 8, so yeah... It's actually quite hard to pin down, but romantically I wouldn't be interested in any other type anyways. They just fit my criteria very well.

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    Other 4s, but they have to be healthy and not desperate, needy, and too intense, otherwise I'll run the other direction. I like 9s too and they're usually more laid-back, which I admire. Not sure about the other types. It would depend on the person overall.
    "Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?" – Frida Kahlo

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