I was typed as a 4 by my music teacher at 17; initially I thought I was a 5.
I still think I have 4 strong in my tritype, as well as sexual instinct. Being seen by a lover as not special enough to be loved is really traumatic for me.
What got in the way of accurate typing is my strong history of childhood trauma. I had a session with Katherine Chernick-Fauvre yesterday. Initially she saw me as a definite 4w5 sp/sx. But when I started talking about other things than my trauma, i.e. the need to be a part of a group, my anarchist leanings, she suggested I look into type 6w5.

Many aspects of 6w5 fit - despite going towards a creative field (film making), it's the camera department that appeals to me most, with its rugged "are you tough enough for this job" mentality, the camaraderie, and attention to technical detail. Also, turning towards people on Facebook for support, my outspoken political leanings, fury at injustice, loyalty towards family and friends despite being mistreated by them. A desire to withdraw into my home as a sanctuary. Researching conspiracy theories for years, and fretting about near term human extinction and economic collapse.

I really don't want to be 6w5 though, it's not special enough!!!!