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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
    Julien Sorel, Henry V, and Lydgate (Middlemarch) are good examples of 3w4 in classical fiction.
    Red and Black is one of my favorite classic novels, and I thought Julien was a sp 4w3 for whatever reason...

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    lisa simpson is more like a 3w2 so sp. yami yugi 3w2.
    In order for society to survive, we must all pitch in and cooperate with one another, split the resources fairly.
    If we get greedy, everything will fall apart
    The main reason why there is no long peace is because everything is set and stone.
    Another is that resources are limited and the ones who had the most goes bad because they are in control.

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    Estella Havisham from Great Expectations (ESTJ 3w? sp/so) (adult)
    Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair (ESTP 3w2 so/sx) (adult)
    Guy Perkins from Never Been Kissed (ESTP 3w2 so/?) (teenager)
    Gaston from Beauty and The Beast (ESTP 3w2 sx/so) (adult)
    Teeny from Now and Then (ESTP 3w2 so/sx) (child)
    James Phelps from Dirty Dancing 2 (ESTP 3w2 so/sp) (adult)
    Regina George from Mean Girls (ESTJ 3w2 so/sp) (teenager)
    Ethel Hallow from The Worst Witch (ESTJ 3w4 so/sp) (child/teenager)
    Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale (ESTJ 3w4 so/sp) (teenager)
    Alice Cooper from Riverdale (ESTJ 3w4 so/sp) (adult)
    Blake Collins from Step Up 2 (ESTJ 3w4 so/sp) (adult)
    Georgette from Oliver and Company (ESTJ 3w4 sp/so) (dog)

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