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    Default Hypothetical 4w3 problems

    Let me ask a hypothetical question. A 4w3 in his/her teens are going through the classic 4w3 problems. He/she wants wants to be original but still wants to be appreciated by society and fit in. Though I think all 4w3's go through this, this particular one is particularly unhealthy in this regard, as well as stubborn. For the sake of argument, lets say he/she even stopped being friends with his/her best friend because the friend was a super-overachieving/popular ENFJ and made the 4w3 feel like he/she was losing her identity, coupled with a strong sense of jealousy.

    I've been through this stage before, and I realised that it is not healthy to try and be yourself by comparing yourself with everyone else. However, not all people see this, so how would you convince someone to see the light?

    Completely hypothetically of course
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    hahahaha hypothetically lets just say that one 3wX had also ENFJ friend that he/she stopped being best friend with because she was superficial. It was a 7 though. Lets just say hypothetically it hurted 3wX a lot.

    Dont have good hypothethical advice ; just that maybe 4w3 would stop wanting zo be so unique if he/she figures why he/she doesnt love hin/herself enough to give her/himself a break.

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    I think the same urge that sparks jealousy can be a potent tool for insight into other people. Instead of harboring jealousy for others, praise them for the things you envy (No, not in a way that's egocentric. I've known 4's, including myself, who say things like "boy, I wish I had your ability". At face value, that could sound very selfish). It makes it that much easier for you to follow your own path if you let go of the sentiment and "Render that under Caesar which is Caesar's".

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    I think it's different for me, being SP/SX, but I don't know how I would make someone see the light. I've always just said "fuck everyone else, I'm gonna do what I want, get what I want and be who I want and no one is gonna stop me" as a result, most people hate me, but the few friends I do have are as real as they come. before that tho, I spent years with no friends and frankly didn't care that much.
    as a whole tho, I don't think fitting in is really a 4w3's thing. we don't find our nitch, we create it (and it's usually a big, glamorous nitch. 4w3s are very interested in coming across the way they are actually feeling and shocking the world with their glamorous fashion sense, controversial statements, and overal "swag"

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