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This is why the enneagram speaks more, so much more to me about personal growth and behavioural dynamics than the MBTI ever can.

I still have trouble believing that (@bold.) If I took some of the filters off, I do wonder if anyone would truly accept me as I am. There's only a tiny handful of people who I think care about me as I am.

Although in a great irony, the closest relationships I have have been formed when I am the least concerned with what the world thinks of me for taking action.

I am intrigued by this book; I am going to look it up and explore it.
I read the book recently and it's really excellent.

Taking off the filters and not being afraid of showing who I am, that's a big step for me, but I'm working on it. And yet what you say is so true, that the authenticity of that has its own results...

I'm sure people do care about me as I am; I suspect they see more of me than they admit to seeing, just as I mustn't myself keep quiet about someone else's faults to save them from feeling criticised or hurt...