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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    There are over three billion base pares in the human genome and thirty five thousand genes.

    I fined these numbers interesting.



    One way I look at these numbers together is that there are three sets of (000 000 000) in the sum of three billion, and (000) in the set of thirty five thousand.

    The number thirty five is interesting "35" and the presence of four lots of (000) .

    In a lateral way of looking at the numbers all that junk DNA between genes may have a purpose and since I am interested in Dark Matter and Dark Energy and The Created, I am going to allow my mind to think about a posable role for all that coding having a link to the numbers like the Dark energy number and this new number 137.03597 and the speed of light number.

    And the number three in three billion is interesting to me because I have broken an action into three groups over three points core and adjoining auxiliary wings. ( agenda conches mood ).

    Another interesting thing about the number 3000000000 is that it can be placed around the enneagram neatly.

    ___________3 0

    __ 0 ________________ 0

    0 ______________________ 0

    _ 0 __________________ 0

    ________ 0 _____ 0

    There is a left and a right in nature.

    ___________0 3

    __ 0 ________________ 0

    0 ______________________ 0

    _ 0 __________________ 0

    ________ 0 _____ 0

    The three thousand five hundred genes is interesting because as we played with "35" so we can do the same here, seven lots of 500 equals 3500.

    And we have a three and a five and a zero and a zero ( 35 ) ( 00 ) and in our number (137)(.0)(35)(97) 97% of the genome is said to be junk or not understood as to its purpose.

    So we could say we may have another clue a four section clue:

    (137) , (.0) , (35) , (97)

    The symmetry in nature may partly take its shape in these things we have touched upon.

    Atoms Alive series 1 Ep 7 DNA Technology

    atoms alive Ep 7 - DNA Technology - YouTube

    There are 100 000 proteins expressed in humans. So the another layer of complexity must exist.

    This is a tricky one but I am thinking of the basics and braking the number one numbered thousand down I could see it two ways one way that involves the instincts that relies on a tree part switch at the secondary points of 1&2 and 4&5 and 7&8 and the three primary points with the unit one at point nine. And the other is having the ( 100 )in the sum (100)000 siting above point nine as like law ten looking like this in three constructs. (010) (100) (001) because there is a time factor I tend to consider both the possibility or a three dimensional factor and a four dimensional factor within the larger puzzle and and so the three number values that seem to be on appearance as being three values of 10 , 100 , 1 May be thought of as three actions or three layers or as also being three operational direction around the symbol of the enneagram or a three in to three action where in multiple values are operational at once. For example the 1 in this set (010) could represent the conches as a set makeup an individual makeup.


    _(100) (010) (001)

    _______ 0

    0 _____________ 0

    or and..


    _______ 1

    ___0 _______ 0

    _ 0 __________ 0

    _______ 0

    In this second model each of the three primary points has a zero and point nine has the unit value of one, each of the three places for sense feel think has a zero placing. If this is valid as an idea the unit value 1 could have one of six locations not just one location at point nine. Or it could be part of a number fractal with several fixed designs for several functions .Attachment 13437

    At this point i would like to entertain an idea of a fourth Triangle:

    ______________ - 3 - 6 - 9 -

    ______________ - 1 - 4 - 7 -

    ______________ - 2 - 5 - 8 -

    -Sensing (7&8) - Feeling (1&2) - Thinking (4&5) -
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    [QUOTE=Cygnus;2438063]No, I'm talking MBTI. In MBTI, ESTJ's functions are Te - Si - Ne - Fi. In MBTI, ENTJ's functions are Te - Ni - Se - Fi.

    If you have Ne anywhere among those four functions, your Intuition is projected outwards and your Senses are projected inwards. Ne-users like to talk over and deliberate plans of action before confirming final execution.

    Ni is often very intolerant of any external ideas that do not fall within its inner vision. It doesn't discuss theories it won't immediately implement, it doesn't show its inner complexity -- it shows its Senses (Se) to give an appearance of strength and a continued progression upwards, while the inner "theory" behind it all remains shelled to the world.
    Read: shelled intuition.

    Ego, Supper ego, Id

    Points: 3, 7, 8, Ego

    Points: 6, 1, 2, Supper-ego

    Instinctual Energy; Point:3 Sense -Sense_Feel

    Instinctual Energy; Point:9 Think -Think_Relate

    Instinctual Energy; Point:6 Feel -Feel_Think

    Point:1 Ne
    Point:2 Si
    Point:6 Fi

    Point:9 Te

    An Instinctual Action: Think_Relate -Relating Triad. Te - Ni - Se - Fi & Te - Si - Ne - Fi.

    Point:9 Te

    Point:3 Fi
    Point:7 Se
    Point:8 Ni



    An Instinctual Action: Think_Relate -Relating Triad. (Te - Ni - Se - Fi & Te - Si - Ne - Fi) ?





    An Instinctual Action: Think_Relate -Relating Triad.





    An Instinctual Action: Feel_Think -Thinking Triad. Te - Ni - Se - Fi & Te - Si - Ne - Fi.





    An Instinctual Action: Feel_Think -Thinking Triad. (Te - Ni - Se - Fi & Te - Si - Ne - Fi) ?





    An Instinctual Action: Feel_Think -Thinking Triad.





    An Instinctual Action: Sense_Feel -Feeling Triad. Te - Ni - Se - Fi & Te - Si - Ne - Fi.





    An Instinctual Action: Sense_Feel -Feeling Triad. (Te - Ni - Se - Fi & Te - Si - Ne - Fi) ?





    An Instinctual Action: Sense_Feel -Feeling Triad.



    Reminder "note to self" (11 , 12) (five Dot's , two on two on , three on three off) (3D frame, 4D time) (Two points Central Universe Absolute) ( 1 1 1 universe : 2 absolute) and (the three ever present never seen within a blind spot 9+3= 12 , 18+3= 21 , "21" ) ( "zero at point nine and light and time" ) ( mechanical of man - Hosted to Man ) & ( "11" , Frame = 3 , four to the left , four to the right = 8 , 8 = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 3 = point:9 and zero = point:9 ) ( 0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+3 = "12" ) ( 11 + 12 = 23 , 2 & 3 , 2+3 = 5 )

    ___________3 0

    __ 0 ________________ 0

    0 ______________________ 0

    _ 0 __________________ 0

    ________ 0 _____ 0

    There is a left and a right in nature.

    ___________0 3

    __ 0 ________________ 0

    0 ______________________ 0

    _ 0 __________________ 0

    ________ 0 _____ 0

    ( 23+23 =46 ) , ( 46+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 91 ) , ( a nine and a one ) ( a four and a six and not so hidden a four and a five 91- 46 = 45) ( recall 18+18+18 = 54 , The Symbol Of The Absolute 9&9 and 9&9 and 9&9 = three eighteens 45-54 Two Dots to sets of values 45-54-99 one Host "recall Higgs Boson Field" as A Host Unit the one/unit 90+1 = 91 ) 99 9+9 = 18 , 8 + 1 = 9 , and the usual number pattern sequences ) ( 9 9 9 , 27 , 108 , 9 & 0 At Point Nine )


    ( E-SN-TJ ) , ( IN-TF-P ) , ( IN-EP-TJ-SN-TF ) Unified and separated. (3 & 3 & 5 ) = "11" ( 3+5 =8 & 3+5 = 8 ) 16 +3 = 18

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Se and Ne both can draw upon the superego as Id, it's Visceral lead cognitive action. Presence from Point 9 there's upon all three into three Actions. 1w9 who may exercise Se and Ne will tend to overcompensate and miss the finer balance that requires all points including think feel Point Sis's Instinctive Property the primary drive of Super Ego an other three or the three into three's that the 1w9 requires to balance interpretively its three part field of attention: mood conches agenda.

    There are two direction around the circle of the enneagram and 1w9 like all types utilises both directions twice.

    4 + 4 + 1 = 9 ,the principle of unification has been honoured and two sets of four has a centre function personalities identity.

    Drafted By Infp utilising: (Fi Ti) duel directional 4 + ! ,. T at Point:1

    Note to self:

    - 4 + 4 + 1 + 4 + 4 + 1 = 18

    - recall to self some times things come in four's (Point 6 and Primary Triangle 3, 6, 9,
    - & instinctual properties of point 6 instinctual orientations; think-feel

    - 3 + 1 = 4

    "22" two and two , one and one and one and one .

    22. ( the decimal point ,a neutral ? ,one of three ? , one of five ? , the circle that unifies all points may have?

    "may have - Three Parts." E.g. Ti Fi N , (Fi Ti) duel directional at point 5 and T at Point:1
    4 + ! ,. T At Point One.

    One At Point Five And One At Point One N + T + NT ( what equal SP SJ and NF ) ? some thing that begins with three, what could that be? and ends with three, law of the and three primary points and of course three into three.

    But did you note some thing interesting? The existent-ion begins with three and ends with three , that make six parts ,the six pointed figure. Two instinctual triangles and if we think three into three and we eg lovage the three primary points of the inner triangle. And much more can be said to draw attention to interconnectivity like two forms triads and ( ego sense point: 3 and points 7 & 8 ) and ( superego feel point: 6 and points 2 and 1 ) and ( Id think point: 9 and points 4 and 5 ).

    Are there parts along the path of the other side of the decimal point and is there a third implicate factor? the decimal Point, is it a third implicate sets? A Form, Greater Natures Deeper Implicate. Like a flux of three into three constantly a constant that reaches all action within an explicate order of a law seven activity A Creation being and flowing via an engine of three function within a four component play Time being a fourth factor.


    law:10 ,(negative/neutral/positive) ,a working unit. A Unison in unity.

    The Quantum Order? Law's 10 & 4 ,. 10 + 4 = 14.

    7 + 7 = 14

    4 + 3 = 7 , 4 + 3 = 7 , to reach 18 fourteen requires 14 requires 4.

    4 + 5 = 9 , 4 and 3 and 7 and 10 four values. 4 and 3 and 4 and 3 and 4 five values. Two Sets Nine components parts & ten units zero is the tenth number unit.
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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Note to self ,. Recall 24 subtype post lost on mobile , autism , Carbon Atom four electrons one shell and two electrons another shell, ( 4 , sub conches and un conches (2 lines) , 2 lines toward 1 conches , mechanical man , 4 + 6 = 10 , Ne Fi , INTJ INFJ patterns , multiplicity's triangle , law 3 4 7 , Ni and P ,

    The point dots , one triangle four dual paths lines.

    ( 16 MBTI ) four and four and four and four and the two ( two path lines )

    Five and two lines one dot ( conches ) hole brain , multiplicity ,

    And dream woken from , Carbon Atom , carbon number, two lines four ends two points plus two multiplicity's and one point dot. ( reminded me of three two one model )

    And remember the thought about eyes and two blind spots ( brocmen set idea and the two lines four ends and one dot ,,as in 1D fractal idea and recall the third factor Gravity of host planet , one curve each eye and the gravitational curve as like a pool An invisible pool a third implicate ( two blind spots and one pool 1D like Mandelbrot set ) four and one .

    And conches three line triangle and Un Conches Sub conches two Dual lines. recall the model one line INFJ and INTJ mis the ,, and autism spectrum both lines and the rest, recall simple, don't forget the three dots and three lines and four lines being three parts and the fourth part ( one of. Two and conches point dot, the nine six thing with the INFJ and INTJ "P"thing and "Ne".

    And remember to recall to view from ISTP and ISTJ ,ambidextrous S&N and ambidextrous T&F .

    Recall your suspicion of manipulation ( points 5&9 INFP and INTP ) and. Addh and INFJ and INTJ Ne p , and principle of unification.

    Earth-moon (Gravity)
    Earth/Moon/Sun (gravity) two eyes (two blind spots) two lines four ends , one-dimensional-Mandelbrot Set.

    Recall - dipstick Dimion's sun-planets star sign model and pictorial model and look at moon 96 idea.

    And remember 15 + 1 = 16 , 3 time 5 = 15 and 16 MBTI subtypes model , but recognise one of the 16 fits with two missing and work the math.

    One from 16 + 2 = 18 and recall the extra two Lines idea! Four times four = 16 and the two remaining maybe another two dual lines making a three dimensional divide mechanical mans mortal trap into two force conciseness.

    There could be a three into one not just one and this could make a fourth a supper model comprising of three and three as one. (Could work well with the three Laws: 3, 4, 7,) , remember the seventh part is made of the unity of four lines and three dot Points working together as one operational unit.

    -Three dot points
    -Four dual lines
    -Severn components

    Three into three

    -One set
    -Another set
    -And another set

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    This seems interesting, but can someone translate this into English for me, please?

    Geez with all the technical talk.
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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    My flavour of the mouth is thinking about cosmic stuff.

    Are the six Astroid belts between Mars and Jupiter related to the six instincts and the three centre's Head Hart Gut.

    Would it be posable to build two magnetic activity detected and send them as far as the centre distance between the six rings and the Sun but in the direction that rings are not obscured and are detectable in a full slice from a detected from side A and Side B of the six Astroid bets, one above and below the Sun. Measuring the Rays and Plasma the Sun releases to measure if the Astroid belts are visibly interacting with those energies in a form of a charge that reacts and responds to Gravity.

    I am thinking about the rings of Saturn and the Strong force The weak force The electromagnetic force Gravity and The radiation that maybe interacting with the Left over microwaves left over from the Big Bang and the Microwaves created since that fill our galaxy.

    I am thinking the possibilities for the numbers 36, 26, 26, 26 having a relationship to the Mandelbrot Set making it a one dimensional two dimensional three dimensional and four dimensional operation working between mind and the six Astroid Belts. A hidden math that leads an invisible structure that relates to the workings of Plasma gravity mass energy.

    DO + DO = 36
    TI + RE = 26
    LA + MI = 26
    SO + FA = 26

    I am thinking about stuff I will never work out but enjoy pondering possibilities.

    DO 2+5+9+2 = 18

    T I 2+4+0+6 = 12

    LA 2+2+2+1 = 7

    SO 2+0+3+6 = 11

    FA 1+8+5+1 = 15

    MI 1+6+6+6 = 19

    RE 1+4+8+1 = 14

    DO 1+2+9+6 = 18


    DO 2569 7/7
    T I 2406 6/7
    LA 2221 5/7
    SO 2036 4/7
    FA 1851 3/7
    MI 1666 2/7
    RE 1481 1/7
    DO 1296 0/7


    18+12+7+11 = 48
    12+7+11+15 = 45
    7+11+15+19 = 52
    11+15+19+14 = 59
    15+19+14+18 = 66

    48+45+52+59+66 = 260

    260 + 10 = 270

    122 + 138 = 270

    160 + Point:1 + Point:2 + Point:3 + Point:4 + Point:5 + Point:6 + Point:7 + Point:8 + Point:9 + ONE Equals 270

    One for centre of enneagram? or circle of enneagram?


    Dark Energy is not exactly zero

    122 zeros and something like a 138 at the end.


    Mass spectrum of the carbon atom:
    3+11+15+19+23+40+50+60+80+90 = 461

    18 decided by 125 = 0.144

    144 + 461 = 605 - 260 = 360

    The 360 reminds me of three hundred and sixty degrees.

    The 144 was a further abstraction of .144 and this number came from 122+3 = 125 the value of three was a value to reorient 3D and the Law OFThree.

    Now the abstraction leads to a value of (360) as in three hundred and sixty degrees.
    There is another number pattern that leads to (360) from a celebrated but argued number value. 137.03597


    1 x 3 x 7 = 21


    0 x 3 x 5 x 9 x 7 = 945

    21 & 945

    2 x 1 x x 9 x 4 x 5 = 360

    3+6+0 = 9

    The triangle the six pointed fig the circle.

    There are some other paths involving + and + and - and x & - that lead to eight and nine. Two different patterns and the one I showed making three patterns lead to 9. It's interesting that there is three paths or two + One paths.

    And two paths that lead to eight. That is interesting because of eight master genes. Body cells DNA and bacteria DNA cells two types of DNA that are essential to life for Man.

    Two Types of DNA reminds me of a multiplicity and eight master genes has me thinking of a triangle. Two views 8+1 & 8+1 on the same enneagram symbol. Two nines are 18 like 18 subtypes but there are only 16 MBTI types. (SEE). There maybe a DNA link to the MBTI and also the enneagram.

    2x9 = 18 + 8 = 26
    2x9 = 18 + 8 = 26
    2x9 = 18 + 8 = 26
    3x6 = 18 +18 = 36
    (head, hart, gut) x (six Instinctual Variant Heads) + eighteen Sub Types. (36)
    TI + RE = 26
    LA + MI = 26
    SO + FA = 26
    DO + DO = 36
    Anyway the puzzle can go on for ever.

    1+3+7 = 11
    0+3+5+9+7 = 24
    11+24 = 35
    3-5 = 8

    11 & 24
    1x1 =1
    2x4 = 8
    1+8 = 9

    11 & 24
    1+1 = 2
    2+4 = 6
    2+6 = 8

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    It's more at the level of C Jung's (Self -- Non Dual Conciseness) the primary triangles role in it's conjunction with the Seven Pointed Fig.

    It's more mind space ( Don Riso's / Russ Hudson's ) Law of three Ideas and concepts rather than Law sevens now time narrative people and things witch is more towards the involvement of I and E.

    It's more towards the bifurcation between the Points
    7 & 5 and Point:6
    8 & 1 and Point:9
    2 & 4 and Point:3

    It's like a organic algorithm in a sense, my own investigation into intuiting Don Riso's 18 Subtypes and understanding why he only mentioned one of The Two Auxiliary Wings. ( kinda understand why he limited his model to Conches and Agenda and left out the other wing Mood. I think it is because the structure is to complex and He was unable like me to crack the puzzle, it is one thing I am working on but I am finding that the pattern on the other side terns into separate parts were as the Agenda Wing flow move seamlessly as a single unbroken simple loop.

    INFP 9w1

    ESTJ 1w2

    ISFJ 2w3

    ISTP 3w4

    ENTP 4w5

    INFTP 5w6

    ISFP 6w7

    ENTJ 7w8

    ESFJ 8w9

    INFJ 9w8

    ESTP 8w7

    ESFP 7w8

    INTJ 6w5

    INTP 5w4

    ENFP 4w3

    ISTJ 3w2

    ENFJ 2w1

    ESNTJ 1w9

    Via the symmetry an algorithm is posable but try to accomplish a symmetry from the other side and it is not posable. I suspect the other side consists more than one part as the side (18 Subtypes) I have sheared.

    It seems to me a beginning of a complex multiplicity that will most likely involve dynamics of multiple MBTI structures for each of the 18 and 9 primary types and it will most likely in valve the eight cognitive functions. The weave is rocking my brain because I can not as of yet tease out the scaffold structure.

    The picture diagram in my second post in this thread of posts is the easy part but the other shapes to the (let's say organic geometrical fractal is very hard to tease out.)

    The other side has like vortexes or loops (progress flowers several steps and then two subtypes will Loop as like they are circling a Space/ or something not understood or visible or a dynamic unknown. Hence the frustration. Take into account a concept of a second option for a treat of flow and progress is made only a few steps and another Loop manifests of a different size.

    But I am quite lazy to be honest I have not invested sincerely my full attention of tenacity towards solving the puzzle I mostly tinker and leave it till I feel to work it some more. Mostly because I think that there will be variant values in the fractals sum that will involve dynamics that relate to things like the science of brain acids the harts electric field and how knows what else and I don't want to become obsessed with something that I am naturally unable to work to a completion due to complexities I have no logical understanding of.

    Why live life obsessed over solving a seemingly Imposable puzzle so I work on it for fun when I feel the challenge to Have A Go.

    But what I have sheared is fairly easy if you look at it in sections at point six, and think of a So/Sx having a one to one hart to Hart conversation with a Sx/So the eight letters mirror energy exchanging like a hidden simple action of mirror opacity identifications that acer within as part of emotional identification.

    The FS or SF and the FS or SF and so for the NT or TN and TN or NT. But don't limit your self to just being receptive to the 8-16 combinations there also is the action of N-T-F-S for the Sx/So and F-S-N-T for the So/Sx.

    But don't for get that the six points are mirrors because the six four letter settings are really two sets of four letter settings at each of the Tree Primary Points there we find the six primary subtypes.

    So what we are talking about, ( the six instinctual variants are not even on the peace of paper. They are within the seven pointed Fix.

    So it's a for of a mirror.

    I you are familiar with my work you will know of my tree Apex's for the six instinctual variants: (relate-think at point nine, sense-feel at point three, feel-think at point six).

    But we being asked to talk predominately in the C Jung MBTI context so I apologise for reaching so deeply into the enneagram but when it comes to thinking about the MBTI this is what I like to think predominately about.

    It's my work my job as a Soul this is what I endeavour to advance and contribute.

    Maybe it's a INFP big picture thing and a INFP NF& N & F or perhaps it is a:
    T-S-N-F thing? Because I am a Sx/Sp I think sense what I intuitively feel. (There that made it easy) content in context but there is also S&N and T&F (I of six..) but it demonstrates the interconnectedness. S&N and T&F is also at points one and five related to the principle of feminine and masculine

    If my memory serves me well testosterone and oestrogen are virtually mirror like in there respective structures at the compound level. I like this image I found on the net. I don't understand it but I like its symmetry. And if I understand correctly testosterone is needed to make oestrogen, both females and males need both oestrogen and testosterone.

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Sp/So and So/Sp remind me of Bat Man and Rodin, there is a stress to correct maintain and advance order. There is a kinda preoccupation with order and control that can spill out into acts or actions of interpersonal control, like as a carrier or vocational choice. That dose not mean that all persons going down or along that path are Sp/So or So/Sp..

    Today I tuned the TV Chanel and came across this old movie Tommy the Toreador (1959) i am thinking that he is ether a 6w7 or a 7w6 but defiantly a Sp/So so I posted the link for the Instinctual energy content.

    Perhaps you can shear your thought as to what type you think he maybe 7w6 or 6w7.

    An interesting thing about old time movies is that the medium of communicating the energies of personality were still being explored and developed and the exaggerated persona of likeable bad boy Tommy is delivered largely though the instinctive variant of Sp/So.

    In my opinion the cognitive phycology passes though a four part filtering system from F through to N and though S and through T.

    Feel -> Intuit -> Sense -> Think

    While watching the movie it is posable to visibly witness the guarded but socially orientated of Tommy Steele as he puts forward his likeable persona to win the emotional enthusiasm of cinema patrons.

    Another interesting dynamic is the interplay between Sp/So energy and the So/Sx instinctual variant energy both two of three parts of the Personal Triangle. The energy setting for the So/Sx is FSNT (TN SF) as the personal inter reflective view for the So/Sx and we can view with in the Interconnectivity workings the TN and the SF from the FNST energy of the Sp/So inter reflective personal focus. The expressive focus of the FSNT FS ->N ->T can be found in the Sp/So in their inter reflective spontaneous planning F n S t - f N s T.

    T -> S -> N -> F is the four letter cognitive Instinctual variant for the Sx/Sp being the third of the three Instinctive types that shear the Personal Triangle (Points 7 & 4 & 1 ).

    The other triangle is the Teamwork triangle (Points 8 & 2 & 5 ).

    So/Sp = N -> F -> T -> S
    Sp/Sx = S -> T -> F -> N
    Sx/So = N -> T -> F -> S

    There is much to be said about the working of this layer of the living enneagram perhaps it will be explored in the near future buy those qualified to investigate and research such aspects of psychometrics as these measurements I have sheared with you today.

    Tommy Steele
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