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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    The Point energy is the metaphor for the function.

    Fe - Point:1
    Fi - Point:2
    Si - Point:3
    Ni - Point:4
    Ne - Point:5
    Se - Point:6
    Ti - Point:7
    Te - Point:8

    Point:9 ,S&N -all processes begin at zero at point:9
    Point:9 ,F&T -all processes end at nine at Point:9

    - All processes within a particular function, of a particular dynamic.

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by Punderstorm View Post
    for example INTJs Ti, they can still use Ti but they don't create systems of logic, they tear them down. They can use Ti, but only in a destructive way.
    This is simply incorrect. They do creat systems of logic they simple need to work harder to develop the functionality of there 5 wing IN"T"P. They also utilise Te via there 7 wing EN"T"J.

    Ti & Te via Ni,. That's the way it works and Ti,Fi,Si.

    The conflict for the INTJ involves the two usages of Ti via point:5 and Ti via point:6

    No wonder they have a difficult psyche that can tend to doubt. Look how the structure works.

    1. Ti from auxiliary wing (agenda) preferred Ti for the INTP 5w4.
    2. Ti from core point energy INTJ Point:6 6w5. Ti second preference.
    3. Ti from subsidiary wing (4) 4w3 ENFP third preference Ti.
    4. Ti from subsidiary wing (8) 8w9 ESFJ fourth preference Ti.

    ISTJ (3) Te and INFP (9) Te are the stress points and freedom points if the system is understood correctly for the INTJ.

    Now why do INTJ's tend to bought and stress, ,,lol,, well I wonder ,,lol,.. 3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

    No wonder the SP INTJ's tend to be the more stable of the six different INTJ types.

    Note to self: if you can be bothered return to subject and demonstrate the flow from point:3 to point nine and explain the shadow action of point 1-2 for the Ni via the Ti for the INTJ and then do the other three (Te,Se,Fe) in place of Ni.

    Also touch upon as an example the path between the inner lines in contrast of the circular path following the action zero at point nine to nine at point nine.

    Also give two examples or three examples of the two or three of the instinctual stack energies influence upon the narrative.

    Make it the So/Sx 6w5 from doth sides So/Sx 6w5 and Sx/So 6w5 in contrast with the Sp/So 6w5 with an agenda to reveal the blind spot of the 6w5 that always undermines there sudo proactivity aspirations that undermine's there right action and authentic humility in service.

    Demonstrate the counter balance, 6w7's pattern ,but withhold demonstrating the note's as a shifting pattern. "Key trance notes".

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    The Point energy is the metaphor for the function.

    Fe - Point:1
    Fi - Point:2
    Si - Point:3
    Ni - Point:4
    Ne - Point:5
    Se - Point:6
    Ti - Point:7
    Te - Point:8

    Point:9 ,S&N -all processes begin at zero at point:9
    Point:9 ,F&T -all processes end at nine at Point:9

    - All processes within a particular function, of a particular dynamic.

    For those who have been fortunate enough to have successfully experienced the hole process of: The Enneagram Of Letting Go may also as I do lean towards via inter reflection that the pattern above is the phenomenological cognitive emotional path of shifts felt while step by step moving though that most sacred of personal experiences.

    I only went though the process once via a guidance or a motivational force difficult to describe when I was four and a haft years old.

    I can still recall the experience as felt and I am quite shore the pattern above fits the process.

    Although I would suggest that there is also a movement with the body centre's ( Gut - Hart - Head ) that accompany's the cognitive with the Instinctual.

    It is some what difficult to exactly recall what is taking place at the instinctual level because of the nature of the experience being such a now moment experience but I am quite shore the order of the centre's action is ( Gut - Hart - Head ) but I suggest this observation requires qualification from others who have authentically undertaken successfully the hole nine step process.

    So the proses starts with Presence at zero at point nine.

    I am curious as what others may think.

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeego View Post
    For a long time I've assumed that my heart center is 4w5 because my head center and lead type is 5w4, but recently I did a tritype test and came out as 5w4 - 9w1 - 3w4. I identify with some aspects of 3, such as the desire to achieve goals and be recognized, but I don't identify with other aspects, such as the vanity, self-promotion, and industriousness. I feel like I identify more with 4's desire to have a unique identity. How would I go about figuring out which one is the third place in my tritype?

    Tri type Placings 1 - 2 - 3

    Perhaps the third placing is related to action.

    What action actions you take and the second placing maybe related to agenda the focusing of you agenda in selfs own attitude and expression.
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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    I was just trying to point out what I observe and that is there seems to be three different per posers behind the three expressions and what I see in others as I think about then they are expressing the phase of self that is Tri type energy is that it seems (Tri type energy) it seems to be related to three different aspect of a persons focused attention and within that there seems to be three per poses each lead by an energy per pose or of per pose, and the third Tri type energy seems to be related to action.

    So in picking your own third tritype energy perhaps you may like to think about the three differences in the phycology underlying the wants and needs and aspirations within your self while in tritype mode.

    It's like a 1 2 3, 1 2 3, flow in what ever order between the three energies as the self makes its persuasive pitch ignored to influence an other via personal opinion.

    Is the 9w1 energy more linked to agenda or action it it is the second energy it will be more about focusing on agenda related subject matter within your conversation put forward. If it is the third energy it will be more about the evaluation perspective pertaining to action. What action took place what action to take, what action the self thinks feels or be leaves is appropriate fitting correct or is appropriate or what ever, the point is the sub conches flow underlying the focused energy being expressed relates to action.

    That my opinion.

    My third Tritype energy is 5w6, can you see how I am taking a somewhat 5w6 approach to identifying the action.

    The agenda focus by me, within my topic response to your post is about the actualising of self. 4w5 is my second tritype energy.

    The "conches" self, "the me" ,looking out with a with a focus of concern or of interest is my 9w1 energy my first tritype energy.

    So between the three part of attention: -conches focus, -agenda interest, and -action interest. My tri type dose its per pose it dose its job or function.

    That the way I see it. As a, Sx/Sp 9w1 4w5 5w6

    So I am suggesting, think about those three aspects of attention, -conches focus, -agenda interest, and -action interest. The subjective interest of the three focuses, your focuses. And go from there.

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Well that's interesting Zeego, I would like you to, if you would like to, look at the three energies in a slightly different way and tell me your thoughts as if how true is it for you.

    Can you reflect or over the next week or two or when ever it is viewable in your minds eye, dose 5w4 within tritype seem some what Ni and the energy of 9w1 some what S&T and 3w4 some what Si.

    Or in other words:

    5w4 - 9w1 - 3w4 , Equals or is equivalent in energy to as Ni - S&T - Si

    This would be helpful to me to know your opinion.

    For me as 9w1 Sx/Sp/So with a tri type: 9w8 - 4w5 - 5w6,
    equals: S&T - Ni - Ne. But the 9w1 is N&F, no wonder nine's can be so spacey like they seem at times uncommitted sacked out not paying attention in a committed manner and so on.

    You will see that I see my Tri type conches energy or first energy being 9w8 not 9w1, the nine with one energy is my subtype energy and I see it as being different to my Tri type leading energy.

    Your thoughts.

    I also see both wings the one wing as being related to agenda and the eight wing related to mood and the (N&F) as being the nine core energy.

    For you the four wing would be agenda related (NI) and the six wing mood (Se) related and the five core energy would be (Ne).

    You would still have you natural MBTI energy but this would be a slightly different energy setting with your personality. As for example the INTP can be seen as being different mixers like:
    -INPT, IPNT, NTPI, TINP, and so on. There are description of these differing energy setting on the net but I am unsure who did the work and were to find it again but it is out there. So one may know we're to find it it you are curious. I found it interesting.

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Who are you?! 0_0
    Work for a cause not for Applause
    Live to express not to Impress

    6w7 > 1w2 > 4w3

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    I am Mark friend of God.

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns


    Quote Originally Posted by Ursa View Post
    There is little explanation here which is probably why this post was passed over. How and why is MBTI linked to the points? It's nice you mentioned the book but I may as well read that rather than discuss here. Your own personal analysis is thin; how about some more? I'm interested.

    Ok well take away the personality as if each point is a blank slate free of text so to say and the raw energy is as recorded.

    Go through the process of the enneagram of letting go and the raw energy is as recorded. It's that simple.

    I could wright down the nine step process from the book but I don't want to do that because the book explains each step and the action as a focus to take at each of the nine steps and I think I don't want to plagiarise other people's good work, I much rather simply add my own discoveries and let people discover what others have done before my input without copying there good work. If you get my purpose it is to build upon to contribute to that is my work and contribution. To add to and make larger as a body of knowledge.

    As an example, tonight at work I was watch some tv between tasks in a room with some fellow workers and as a nine I allowed my self to become open to being more present and receptive and open to taking in or being aware. As a result I became more energy emanating naturally and another person could sense and feel my inner experience as that was happening I was aware that there was a fullness to my experience that consisted of the two elements N&F and S&T and as long as I stayed in the now moment the energies coexisted and I could distinguish the S and the T and the N and the F components within my direct experience. They were nether I or E or P or J , it was if I was on the apex of all four polarities. I could have become larger but I would have drawn more attention to my self and I could have then enacted uncommon abilities via the access of receptivity and presence I was empowered by and in a sense within.

    I became self conches in a sense fearing via the fearful imagination posable negative values espoused by my self of others posable reaction or responses if I allowed my self to enlarge my receptivity and presence so the energy dissipated as I became self conches and in so doing lost my place of being sentenced within my own being respective to what was within the now moment.

    It's not something I do often in fact I most likely only allowed my self to do it perhaps because I am inter reflecting on the model above and its components and how it work in real time as a real experience experienced. Testing the pattern via questions within that I am quires about.

    I do recall before hand thinking about if it would be posable to right a monologue, if that is the right word start with the first energy N&F describing or crafting language that invokes the activation of The readers N&F function or nine energy and thinking if I could morph the language into the next energy Fe and then Fi and then Si and then Ni and the I thought to my self would it be posable to more via the lines like from Ne to Ti (or point 5 to point 8 and then for some reason moments later I became present in the now moment and found the balance I described respective via N&F as within my body and alert S&T to my environment as a presence at the centre F aware N in universally directed understanding. All rolled into one.

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix31 View Post
    I suppose coming at it from the angle of respect, I might change a habit if I thought one of my peers did not respect me and I wanted to be respected. I guess maybe that's a form of external accountability.

    On a different note, I was reading the rebel description and wondering what it means to tie your choices to your identity and how that helps.
    The two contrast each other, as an unhealthy nine in my early years like Primary school days I had may internal and external struggles and the rebel identity was very much my style and I did not have the respect of my role models so I needed to shift my attitude and behaviours and it was difficult I had find other parts of myself that fitted the complying role of fitting in as a team player. Sports was a first step. And cross country running was my first step to learning a new discipline. It helped me with changing my mind set and staying focused on the unity of being being me without the mind leading, a kind of meditation. In short it helped me develop my heathy point three within and the team loyalty of point:6 by staying the course. I embraced sports and became the best at football ruby and long distance running, and gained the second highest grading ever recorded at the time for Jujitsu within the Southern Hemisphere.

    It lead to cultivating presence and utilising my one wing and eight wing heathy aspects in flow to with my Severn wing and two wing with out getting stuck within the solo terrain of my nine energy alone it's lower Heath parts.

    So some how I found an attitude from those elements of the points 3-6-1-8-7 and 2. I think this was a start to the development of my heathy Id because I need to assess and utilise the reasoning skills from point:5 and point:4 to facilitate and maintain my own personal development.

    I think this is how I gained my Tri type 9w8 5w4 4w3 it was not though being a scholar it was though learning to regulate my emotions and behaviours thinking INFTP (5w6 head centre) and feeling ENTP (4w5 hart centre). Lead to my personal development of Think Point Nine at the instinctual level as a 9w1 Sx/Sp this lead to me balancing my So/Sx third instinctual energy that was out of balance and running my avoidance patterns my lower nine energy of trying to ignore and disengage from being conches and alert to the narrative the sense think feel of others within there general phycology expressed.

    I was frittered of being receptive to there agendas phycology and mood driven phycology but basically I was frittered of the free instinctual energy underlying the personality.

    I guess that is why I am able to see and understand that the both wings have a direct link to agenda and or mood.

    Anyway that part of my story and I can relate closely to two of the four tendencies. I am shore if I was to think about the other two I could see how they to play a role within my minds operations. The questioner maybe linked to my eight wing 8w9 energy and the obliger maybe linked to my one wing. One wing agenda, Eight wing mood.

    Another posable way to stack the four Tendencies for myself could be as follows.

    Questioner: Points 9 and 5 and 4

    Obliger: Points 1 and 7 and 4

    Rebel: Points 3 and 6 and 9

    Upholder:Points 2 and 5 and 8

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