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Thread: Why is pride associated with Enneatype 2s?

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    Question Why is pride associated with Enneatype 2s?

    I've always had trouble deciding if I'm a 2w3 or a 3w2. I've observed that the main "vice" of a 2 is pride. The main "vice" of a 3 is said to be deceit. I definitely consider my pride to be my biggest vice, but I'm pretty sure I'm a 3w2 over a 2w3. This "pride" thing is one of the main things that makes me wonder still. How is pride a 2 vice and not a 3 vice? It just makes more sense to me that pride would be something that a 3 would struggle with over a 2.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'd love to know what I am once and for all
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    Pride is a common vice for people in general.
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    Here's the rationale as I see it.

    Vices in this sense are all internal, maybe subconscious.

    "Pride" is associated with the 2's internal thought of -- "I do everything for everyone, and I demand nothing in return. I'm just that awesome."

    "Deceit" with the 3's very hidden attitude of "Pay no attention to the man behind the mask. I know that I don't."

    So on for the others, of course.
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    The fixations are more or less the death spirals of the enneatypes. (Or slippery slope)

    Type 2's delusion is that since they are so good at helping others, they can easily help themselves without the help of others. Others have to come to them for help, not the other way around. They want to be the helpers, not the helped. (Pride)

    Type 3's delusion is that since they strive to be recognized and appreciated, they can over-inflate, through deception, their own worth to make themselves seem more indispensable and successful to others. (Deceit)
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