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Thread: Enneagram Type and MBTI function correlations...

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    It makes even less sense why I always score moderately high on type 9 now. But the 5-2 makes a lot of sense or 7-2 as well.

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    Mini update since I had the opportunity to take the full enneacards test from with the survey code this week (thanks Katherine!).
    At this point I've taken quite a few different tests around the internets and thought about it for a while. I'm unquestionably a core 5, and my second type is unquestionably a 1...

    ...but my wing changes based on mood/context, and so does my third type. I'm slightly more 5w4 and my heart fix is 4w5 when free of emotional stressors. When I feel stressed due to being tied down and/or emotionally invested in any social groups, I'm more of a 5w6 and my heart fix is 3w2. This has become especially apparent because I've joined/left association with a couple different gaming groups recently. I'm unsure whether I should consider myself to have balanced wings, i.e. whether the predictable difference in my wing influences are valid and important. (This also doesn't really explain my tritype, though if I were to take a page from Myers-Briggs, I should be determining my type based on my 'natural' stress-free state.)

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    What do you think about these results?
    5 18 I must be knowledgeable to survive.
    9 17 I must maintain peace/calm to survive.
    8 14 I must be strong and in control to survive.
    4 13 I must be unique/different to survive.
    6 12 I must be secure and safe to survive.
    2 11 I must be helpful and caring to survive.
    3 9 I must be impressive and attractive to survive.
    7 9 I must be fun and entertained to survive.
    1 7 I must be perfect and good to survive.

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