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    It makes even less sense why I always score moderately high on type 9 now. But the 5-2 makes a lot of sense or 7-2 as well.

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    Mini update since I had the opportunity to take the full enneacards test from with the survey code this week (thanks Katherine!).
    At this point I've taken quite a few different tests around the internets and thought about it for a while. I'm unquestionably a core 5, and my second type is unquestionably a 1...

    ...but my wing changes based on mood/context, and so does my third type. I'm slightly more 5w4 and my heart fix is 4w5 when free of emotional stressors. When I feel stressed due to being tied down and/or emotionally invested in any social groups, I'm more of a 5w6 and my heart fix is 3w2. This has become especially apparent because I've joined/left association with a couple different gaming groups recently. I'm unsure whether I should consider myself to have balanced wings, i.e. whether the predictable difference in my wing influences are valid and important. (This also doesn't really explain my tritype, though if I were to take a page from Myers-Briggs, I should be determining my type based on my 'natural' stress-free state.)

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    What do you think about these results?
    5 18 I must be knowledgeable to survive.
    9 17 I must maintain peace/calm to survive.
    8 14 I must be strong and in control to survive.
    4 13 I must be unique/different to survive.
    6 12 I must be secure and safe to survive.
    2 11 I must be helpful and caring to survive.
    3 9 I must be impressive and attractive to survive.
    7 9 I must be fun and entertained to survive.
    1 7 I must be perfect and good to survive.

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    Hey I’m 100% an infj 6w7 and this seems to work naturally with the ‘6’ type and the fe and se. Fe means we will be very people focused and make sure people in our surroundings are all having a good time and aren’t left out as a ‘6’ does in health in its ‘9’ state becoming the motherly type. Also se makes sense as in stress ‘6’s become anxious and very aware of threats and dangers in their surroundings which is very se like.

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    God no

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