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    Default Enneagrams expressed via horror movie monsters

    Can you express the various unhealthy enneagrams by using horror movie monsters? I'll go first.

    Enneagram 4


    Enneagram 5

    "the Hills have eyes - wheelchair guy"

    Enneagram 6

    "silent Hill - armless things"

    Enneagram 7

    "Berserk - The Count"

    Enneagram 8

    "Doom 3 - Baron of Hell"

    Enneagram 9

    "The Shining"

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    That berserk guy works. I most often get described as vicious.

    1: cell from dragon ball z

    2: insidious 2 mom

    3: american psycho guy

    4: the witch from left 4 dead

    5: jigsaw

    6: slenderman or any creepy stalker guy

    7: the hollow form of ichigo from bleach

    8: the persian king from 300

    9: evil gandhi

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