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Thread: MBTI, Enneagram, and Zodiac correlations (my revision of PTypes correlations)...

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    Can't take this seriously with astrology

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    It's funny...I'm apparently the most un-Taurus-y Taurus. My boyfriend couldn't believe it, because he's never gotten along with people who are born Taurus...that is, until me!

    This kind of makes me not really believe it to be true. I'm sure there's some part of my personality in there, but a lot of things in my sign's description are kind of Senorish preferences. (Which I have, just not in any prominant way.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post lists Cancer as an ESFJ, but I found this inaccurate, because while Cancers are conventional and cautious like a J, the sign is also known for having a vivid imagination like an N and for being very loyal like an F.
    Years ago, I asked Dave Kelly how he correlated his types. At the time, he was a big Socionics fan, which reflects the inverse of enneagram/mbti correlations for introverts. At the time, I figured the ascending sign played into determining correlation, since it is the sign that we show the world until around middle age. I have attempted to paste my information into a post, however I continue to have trouble. Does anyone else have problems that show in preview screen, however when you hit the submit button very little gets posted?

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    Here's mine:
    Venus- Taurus
    Saturn- Capricorn
    North Node-Virgo
    Chart Area-Keyword-Number of planets per chart area-Proportional Value

    FIRE- Physical- 3- 33%
    EARTH- Practical- 5- 35%
    AIR- Intellectual- 2- 29%
    WATER- Emotional- 1- 2%

    CARDINAL-Emotional- 4- 39%
    FIXED- Reliable- 4- 29%
    MUTABLE- Flexible- 3- 31%

    NORTH- Sociable- 3- 6%
    SOUTH- Individualistic- 7- 43%
    EAST- Creative- 6- 43%
    WEST- Active- 4- 6%

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    Quote Originally Posted by niffer View Post
    I'm a Sagittarius (actually, some places say I'm a Scorpio because I was born on the 22nd), and I'm an 8w9...and if I were to be a Scorpio, then, yes, it would be sort of correct either way.
    Oooooh--me too! 22 Nov, can't recall my natal chart tho.... Year of the Rooster, and yeah, I'm a cocky thing.
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    I'm a cock, too.

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    As a side note, the traditional NF temperment correlation is choleric-- Fire.

    Air'd be SP (sanguine), Earth SJs (melancholic) and NTs Water (phlematic).
    Let's do this thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meshou View Post
    As a side note, the traditional NF temperment correlation is choleric-- Fire.

    Air'd be SP (sanguine), Earth SJs (melancholic) and NTs Water (phlematic).
    Yes, but then it doesn't make any sense if you correlate them with the Zodiac Signs.

    What's said about the SP temperament is more related to the Fire signs, since Fire is impulsive and spontaneous.

    The SJ temperament correlates with Earth because it's said to be stable and traditional.

    NT correlates with Air because it's said to be intellectual and logical

    Finally, NF correlates with Water because it's said to be emotional and intuitive.

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    *blinks* My question is do Zodiac signs... western or chinese really mean anything significant? I agree with Jennifer that this is merely Forer's effect.

    I'm born in November... a scorpio, by chinese zodiac I'm a rat. Also a 4w5 INFJ... I don't see how any of those things fit together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    Zodiac Sign, MBTI, Enneagram

    NF Temperament, Water
    Cancer, ENFJ, 2w3
    Cancer, INFJ, 4w5
    Scorpio, ENFP, 6w5
    Pisces, INFP, 4w3

    NT Temperament, Air
    Gemini, ENTP, 7w6
    Gemini, INTP, 5w6
    Libra, ENTJ, 1w9
    Aquarius, INTJ, 5w4

    SJ Temperament, Earth
    Taurus, ISTJ, 9w8
    Virgo, ESFJ, 2w1
    Virgo, ISFJ, 6w7
    Capricorn, ESTJ, 1w2

    SP Temperament, Fire
    Aries, ESTP, 8w7
    Leo, ESFP, 3w2
    Leo, ISFP, 3w4
    Sagittarius, ISTP, 8w9 lists Cancer as an ESFJ, but I found this inaccurate, because while Cancers are conventional and cautious like a J, the sign is also known for having a vivid imagination like an N and for being very loyal like an F.

    I typed Virgo as ESFJ and ISFJ instead, because they are considered to be "servants" but as an Earth sign, they're more inclined to serve in more practical ways.

    As for the Fire signs, yes, I'm aware that they're often labeled as "Intuitive," but in terms of modern MBTI theory (which is ultimately quite deviant from the original Jungian functions), I think the more correct term is impulsive.

    * * * * *

    I plan on making another one of these sorts of lists, but only with Zodiac and MBTI correlations, and not based on Temperament, but based on energy direction (E or I) and cognitive preference (S or N). Because fire and air signs tend to be more extraverted, but fire signs said to be more concrete in thinking while air signs are more abstract.

    Earth and water signs are more introverted, but earth is more concrete and water is more abstract.

    * * * * *

    And naturally, this is based on my readings of astrology and what each signs represent. I do not necessarily believe in it, so naturally, it is possible for a Capricorn (which I labeled ESTJ) to be an INFP (which I labeled for Pisces).

    Seems to me that the ENTJ is an epitome of an 8. A wingless 8 or a w7. They tend to be somewhat adventurous.

    6 is generally correlated with Si. So ENTPs shouldnt have a 6 wing as Si is their inferior function. Wingless 7, or 7w8. W8 because many of them are influence seekers and in effect highly influential. They share the SP need to 'make an impact' to a considerable degree.

    INTP shouldnt be a 5w6...Fi is the quintissential 4 function...Ti shares the root in introverted judgment...5w6 generally tend to be they dont have this penchant for the artistic and alogical that the INTPs have from Ne..

    ENFP is definitely not 6... they are not very security conscious...

    As Extroverted Intuitors they should be placed as 7s... I am somewhat puzzled as to how you had them at a w5!?

    5s are dispassionate problem solvers...5 corresponds with Ti the most...7 with the Ne...

    ISTP is defnitely not an 8... Quintissential 8 should be an ENTJ... they have powerful personalities that were born to lead... ISTPs tend to prefer to be in the background...

    1 should have nothing to do with 'SJ'...

    1s are forceful visionaries....long term thinkers who have a need to live their life in accordance to their internally founded vision...they are definitely averse to the convention..whilst SJs tend to gravitate towards it.

    ISTJ can not be 9... Even though SJs have a co-operative as opposed to Utilitarian mindset...they are more concerned with doing good deeds than having good will(like NFs)..

    Essentially 9s are the classical mediators... they see the big picture very well and have an intense... feeling-founded need to please others (having good will not the SJish doing good deeds) this should be the ENFP or INFP...preferrably ENFP....because they could see the big picture of the external world more proficiently with their dominant extroverted intuition... ISTJs are just the opposite of this with Introverted Sensing being their dominant function..and as Thinkers..they dont have a deep...personal need to make others happy..

    ESTPs shouldnt be 8... 8 is basically a Te function... more ENTJ than ESTJ...

    3 is more represenative of Extroverted Sensing (ESTP and ESFP)

    ISFJs shouldnt have a 7 wing... as they tend to be far from adventurous with their dominant Introverted Sensing..
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